No Advance Notice Needed

  • Breaking news
  • Simple web page updates (just changing a few words on a page)
  • Social media posts (if appropriate for our goals and if text, link and image are readily available)

2 Weeks in Advance

  • Email blasts and/or campaigns
  • Online paid event registration forms

1 Month in Advance

  • Photography
  • Social media (paid posts or event promotion)
  • News story to be shared on drew.edu/stories
  • Web page updates (new single page or changes to a few existing pages without significant redesign)

2+ Months in Advance

  • Print projects (mailed or unmailed)
  • Communications planning
  • Complex web jobs (new web section with several pages, significant redesign to existing site)
  • Multi-component projects (more than one type of deliverable)
  • Pitching to the media
  • Advertising

Request Forms


Please complete this form for all web job requests, including page edits, new pages, technical questions, etc.


To initiate print and other non-web work with us, please complete the form below. This includes photography requests, print job requests, social media requests, design requests, email requests, and news coverage requests.

Please note that all professional photography requests should come directly through the Communications team to ensure proper archiving.

Be sure to include final text, links, and/or images needed to complete the job. Please note that the department requesting the job will be responsible for all costs related to printing, design time, and other production related costs.

Request Form
The Communications Department would like to ensure that you stay within your budget for all print and design jobs. Our team will provide postage, printing, and design pricing estimates once we process your request. Please note that all projects outside of enrollment management will require a budget line to cover ​all ​​expenses for print, design time, and any other related production costs.
You may select multiple categories.

Please note that all web- related requests should be submitted separately here.

Interested in suggesting content for Drew This Week? Visit this page.
Please share name, title, phone number, and email.
Paste a google drive link or simple text above, or attach a document in the "File Upload" at the bottom of this form. Final text is required to formally kick off a job.
These are additional emails and/or social posts after the initial send.
Example: all alumni, regional groups of alumni, current parents, etc.
A postage estimate will be provided.

Advancement Services, Registrar, your own list, etc. Please note that Communications does not provide or arrange the necessary mailing or email data.If you are requesting a print piece that will not be mailed, please input N/A.
An estimate for all printing costs will be provided.
This is the date that you would like the deliverable to reach you/your audience.
Example: image dimensions, relevant links, vanity URLs, variable data, segmentation breakdown, etc.

Upload any useful files here

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