Job opportunities are available both on and off campus. There are two types of on-campus student employment: Federal Work-Study  (FWS) and Regular Student Employment (Non Work-Study).

Federal Work-Study awards are based on financial need and will be included in the financial aid awards of those students who qualify. All student employment positions on campus are competitive. Priority in hiring will be given to students who have a Federal Work-Study award. Please note the University does not guarantee placement for any student.  However, the Center for Career Development can provide assistance for students who are beginning the job search process.

Please visit the Career Center’s Student Employment website for complete information.

Looking to hire a federal work-study or non work-study student employee? Complete the Student Employee Hiring Form.

Has your student employee’s job ended or are you terminating a student employee? Please complete the Student Employee Termination Form.

  • Student employees are permitted to work 20 hours per week during the academic year (this includes all positions/departments in totality for those students employed by more than one department.) Students and supervisors should discuss all positions that the student plans to accept before any hiring documentation is submitted to ensure they adhere to the maximum hours set. Please be aware that the new payroll systems will not allow student employees to clock in and out or be paid for hours exceeding 20 per week. Therefore, it is critical that supervisors do not allow students to actually work more hours than permitted.
  • Returning student employees will still need to log in to the system, and confirm all profile information (mailing address, W-4 withholdings, direct deposit information, etc.) when advised to do so. At the time that the student employment team approves eligibility to work, returning students will be provided with the proper instructions for completing these steps.
  • New student employees being hired for the first time, who have been approved for student employment, will be provided the proper steps to complete all onboarding in the payroll systems during the hiring process.

Priority hiring will begin for all Federal Work Study (FWS) students and returning non–work study (non-FWS) students on or about August 15 for one month with a start date for fall employment no earlier than the start of classes upon written approval from the student employment team.

Following the end of the priority hiring, all remaining open positions can be filled by students who have not already been hired into a primary position. This non-priority hiring period will begin after Drop/Add, and end on September 30.

Students are eligible to apply for second positions after the non-priority hiring period has ended. The reason for this policy is to support the Center for Internships and Professional Development’s objectives to provide professional experiences to all student populations. There will be limited exceptions to this policy for certain positions that are not hours-driven. For example, student employees hired to tutor or support admissions tours/enrollment events are permitted to accept these positions as a second job during priority hiring. Students can review job postings in Handshake.

  • Handshake will remain the student employment platform in which hiring managers, (upon granted access to the system by the Student Employment Coordinator), can post job openings in their departments. Job postings to Handshake will be available beginning on or about August 15. Handshake recommends that all new users review the list of resources below in the Handshake Help Center in addition to Handshake 101 and Posting Jobs on Handshake modules in the Pathfinder training. The Help Center is the resource recommended to hiring managers if you have questions about Handshake. We encourage users to carve out some time to look through these resources:

The process for new hiring form submissions for Fall is as follows:

  • The supervisor submits a Student Employee Hiring Form for the student they wish to hire
  • The Student Employment Team reviews the student’s eligibility to work
  • If eligible, the student completes onboarding in the payroll system based on the email instructions provided by the team
    • SCHEDULING I-9 DOCUMENT REVIEW: all new student employees are required to present their personal identification in person within 3 days of starting their employment. I-9 documentation review will be handled on an appointment basis in Madison House (building 57 on the campus map). A scheduling link will be included in each student’s approval email.
  • The Student Employment Team issues a final approval to the supervisor and the student advising of the employment start date once onboarding has been completed
  • The final approval will include the approved position and start date.
  • The Student Employment Team will notify the supervisor and the student if the student is not eligible to work
  • If a student turns down a position, or a department has decided to no longer hire a student after documentation has been submitted, the supervisor must submit the Student Employee Termination Form before submitting a new campus placement form for an additional hire. The payroll systems will not allow the team to onboard a new student employee into a position until the prior employee is terminated.

Please Note: Hiring managers are asked not to give students a start date until both the supervisor and the student receive the approval notice via email from the team.


All undergraduate student positions are set up in the payroll systems as $12.00 per hour positions, including the winter and spring breaks. All graduate student positions are set up in the payroll systems as $15.00 per hour positions. Pay rates do not need to be included on the hiring form as all of the pay rates are set by Student Employment based on the specific position and coded in the payroll systems.

*These rates are subject to change, and all changes will be made for the following academic year.

  • In order to be eligible for student employment, students must:
    • Be enrolled in a degree program or an approved non-degree program
    • Be achieving satisfactory academic progress
    • Be enrolled in at least 12 credits as an undergraduate student or 6 credits as a graduate student.
  • Student employees must clock in at the start of their work session and clock out at the end of the work session within Resource Navigation’s CollegeTime.
  • Students should never be approved to work during any of their scheduled class times as this jeopardizes compliance with federal work study regulations.
  • It is the responsibility of both the student and the supervisor to make sure that the hours recorded are correct, the student has clocked in/out each workday, and all hours are approved by noon of the payroll week.
  • Supervisors must approve all time cards in accordance with Drew University Pay Schedule. To view the Pay Schedule click the following link: Payroll Schedule
  • Please note that stipends are not an acceptable form of payment for work performed by student employees. Please speak with Meredith if you have questions about an extenuating circumstance.
  • Supervisors are required to oversee all work of their student employees and verify that clocked hours correspond with work performed.

Graduate and Theological students who have been offered and accepted an adjunct position cannot be classified as student employees. The Human Resources team has developed a specific position code for graduate students who will also serve as adjunct faculty. All students that fall in this category must notify their supervisor of the teaching position before accepting a student employment position. Please be aware that 3 and 4-credit courses taught by graduate and theological students equate to 12.5 hours of work per week, so additional on-campus work can only make up the difference for each course being taught. Hiring managers must confirm the student’s teaching status in the hiring form to ensure the student employment team sets up their secondary position appropriately.


International students cannot begin work until they have applied for a Social Security number and provide a receipt of the application (uploaded to ADP) showing that the application is in process. For more information on how to obtain a Social Security number, please contact the Office of International Students and Scholar Services at isss@drew.edu.


Student employees in existing positions in departments that require student work during the break are permitted to work on-campus during that period. The Student Employment team will be in contact later in the semester to provide further information. It is important to understand that student employees are not authorized to work when the University is officially closed for the holiday week between Christmas and the New Year.