Graduation Guidelines for all Drew Students


Further instructions on how to apply to graduate are available on the commencement website.

Please review the following sections for more information regarding requirements to receive your Drew University degree and participation in the ceremony.

Academic and University Requirements

All academic requirements must be completed before the degree conferral date (listed on the commencement website) in order to have your degree awarded to your transcript and receive a diploma.

This includes:

  • your Ladder showing all requirements as complete (if applicable)
  • resolution of all Incomplete (I)* and ungraded coursework
  • final transcripts submitted to the Registrar’s Office for missing transfer credit

In addition to having met all academic requirements, students must

  • settle all financial obligations
  • return all library materials
  • return all keys
Ceremony Participation

Undergraduate, Caspersen, and Theological students are permitted to walk in commencement if they have applied to graduate and meet the academic requirements by commencement day.

Undergraduate students:

  • CLA students who plan on completing the requirements for their degree by the August conferral date are eligible to participate in the May ceremony.
    • Students must be able to demonstrate they will complete any outstanding requirements through pre-registration for Summer or pre-approval for transfer credit prior to the May ceremony.
    • Students who do not plan to complete their degree by August and have 12 or fewer outstanding credits may walk in the ceremony, if approved. Students will need to submit a request for review here. If approved, students may walk in the ceremony but will not be included in the program or recognized for any honors or awards until their degree is conferred.
  • January graduates may participate in the following May ceremony.

Caspersen School and Theological School students:

Any student completing a dissertation or thesis needs to complete all requirements for their degree and thesis (including submission and defense) prior to the May ceremony to be able to walk in the ceremony.

  • Any dissertation or thesis student completing after the May ceremony date will walk in the next year’s ceremony and be included in the next year’s program.

Non-thesis Master’s students who plan to complete all of their requirements by the August conferral date (or before), regardless of how many credits they need to complete in the summer, may participate in the May ceremony and be included in the program.

    Non thesis Master’s students who completed their requirements by August, did not apply to graduate until after the May ceremony, and did not attend the ceremony, may walk in the next year’s ceremony and be included in the next year’s program.

Additional information pertaining to the commencement ceremony will be available on the commencement website closer to the date: https://www.drew.edu/commencement/