Group Psychotherapy

Groups are often the ideal treatment for a variety of difficulties and problems. Each semester the McClintock Center for Counseling and Psychological Services offers psychotherapy groups. Groups can help people make changes in their lives and can sometimes be more effective than individual counseling. Our groups are small and use a variety of approaches.

Therapy groups are NOT “Drop-In”. You must meet with a therapist before you start any group for a regular intake session. (This is different from our drop-in therapeutic workshops, seminars, or drop-in sessions.) Please call 973-408-3398 to schedule a group screening appointment or talk to your therapist.

Typical Group Offerings


Are you experiencing stress? concerns about your relationships? making decisions? managing moods or emotions? This group allows members to discuss general issues that are of concern to them (emotions, anxieties, relationships, family, etc.) in a confidential and supportive environment. A group is often the best treatment for a variety of difficulties and can be more effective than individual therapy. Group provides a safe, confidential space for healing and growth.

Conscious Connecting

This group centers on resolving interpersonal problems and symptomatic recovery from a variety of difficulties using interpersonal therapy. Interpersonal therapy is based on the principle that relationships and life events impact mood and that the reverse is also true. Sessions focus on improving relationships and communications and may include homework between sessions. It is an effective treatment for depression, anxiety, bulimia, binge eating, and a range of other disorders.

Chill Out: From Anxiety to Resilience

Are you experiencing worry or nervousness that interferes with your life? This group focuses on giving members a supportive place to discuss and share ideas for coping with and reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress. Specific skills will be taught and practiced for managing anxiety and worry.

Thriving after Trauma

A semi-structured support group to offer a safe space and opportunity to:  Provide support and reconnections for members. Help individuals resume and/or maintain activities of daily living and practice behaviors that are self-nurturing. Provide assistance and encouragement in managing PTSD symptoms. Provide the opportunity for validation of one’s experience. Offer reality testing to correct distorted views of the self and Build trust in one’s self and the world around them.

Interested individuals can contact the Counseling Center to schedule a brief group screening and answer any questions.

Living with Loss: A Safe Space for Grieving Students

Grief can be complicated, lonely, and it may come and go in unpredictable ways. What was “normal” isn’t normal anymore. Grief does not have a timeline; rather, grief is individual for each person going through it. Although friends and family may mean well, they may not have the language to support a student who is grieving. On the other hand, when members are going through grief, all can find some support and solace from each other. This weekly group offers a safe, judgment-free zone for students coping with the loss of a loved one. This is a space where the varied emotions related to grief are honored, validated, and in their own time, processed.