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The Center for Civic Engagement can help you to connect with communities beyond our campus through relationships with local non-profits, community organizations, government agencies, federal programs like Teach for America, and school districts within Madison and the broader Northern New Jersey area. Take a look below for opportunities for career exploration, experience working in diverse communities, and the chance to build your professional network.


As our world recovers from the pandemic, it’s important to follow health and safety protocols and continue to help any way we can. Virtual volunteering is still an option for many of us.

View our robust resource list categorized by activity, impact area, or beneficiaries here! If you see an opportunity that interests you, contact them to ask if it might be possible to do the work as an internship!

Launch Social Impact Career Community

Launch Career Communities are the go-to hubs for networking with others and connecting with events, resources and opportunities in 10 broad career areas. Who will you meet here? A career-focused crew of students, alumnx, faculty and more.

The Social Impact, Education, Law & Government career community brings together members of the Drewniverse who are seeking pathways to prepare the next generation of leaders committed to bettering their communities or pursuing careers and opportunities to advocate for issues they care about and serve the public good. This is a space where everyone can share ways of working in and with community-based organizations, government agencies, schools, and other organizations committed to improving the lives of others.

Community Partners

Students worked at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey for MLK Day of Service

Community organizations play a key role in providing meaningful civic engagement opportunities that are reciprocal and mutually beneficial to both Drew students, faculty and staff and to the organizations. The Center for Civic Engagement develops and stewards partnerships with local community organizations to provide civic engagement opportunities and internships for Drew students and for faculty members teaching community-based learning courses. Listed below are some of our community partners with whom we work. Check out their websites for more information about the valuable work that they do. Get inspired! Get engaged!

You may direct any questions about our partners to our Assistant Director, Amy Sugerman, at asugerma@drew.edu or 973-408-3069.










* Indicates that in addition to other opportunities, we work with this community partner to place our First Year Civic Scholars for their weekly community service hours.

Volunteer Clubs & Organizations

Volunteer Without Borders

Students stand in front of San Antonio Food Bank, Texas

Volunteer Without Borders (previously known as the Volunteer Resource Center until 2019) was redesigned to focus exclusively on providing immersive educational service experiences (both domestic and international) to Drew students at a reasonable cost. Students are able to travel beyond our borders to gain perspective as a world citizen, engaging with folks from backgrounds unlike their own. The goal is for students to serve in a meaningful, non-disruptive way, and to take away from the experience a respect for the place they’ve worked and the people they’ve worked with.

San Antonio, Texas

Some of VWB’s Past Trips Include:
-New Orleans
-Puerto Rico
-San Antonio
-West Virginia

For more information and/or to be added to our mailing list, please contact vwb@drew.edu

Drew Honduras Project

The Drew Honduras Project is a student-run volunteer program with faculty advisement. Students make plans, develop community partnerships in Honduras and the Dominican Republic, raise funds and organize the trip. In the process, they refine leadership and interpersonal skills, organizational strategies, understanding of budgeting, and knowledge of fundraising methods. They live the “Drew and Do” credo, and learn what it means to share knowledge and use education with the highest of impacts. Applications due mid-September on their page.

Jersey Cares

Volunteer throughout New Jersey when you want, where you want, with no long-term commitment. Volunteering with Jersey Cares is easy; once you have registered and logged in, choose from hundreds of opportunities in our Volunteer Opportunity Calendar, participate in an Annual Event, or run a Collection Drive. Start making a difference today!

Governor’s Office of Volunteerism

The mission of the Governor’s Office of Volunteerism is to support NJ’s 1.6 million volunteers with training and recognition while matching community needs in partnership with volunteer centers, disaster response organizations, business volunteers, schools, colleges, faith-based organizations and community organizations. Fill out this form to be contacted with volunteer opportunities as they arise.

Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is a federal agency that engages more than 5 million Americans to heed the national call to service through its core programs — Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and the Social Innovation Fund. CNCS harnesses America’s most powerful resource: the energy and talents of our citizens.


FilmBoot24 is a Young Filmmakers Weekend Bootcamp & Film Festival. This program is a collaboration of community educators and artists that focuses on at-risk students. High school students from Orange, NJ, are matched in teams with Drew students, staff, and faculty, along with professional writers, filmmakers, and artists who will act as mentors. Each team has 24-hours to produce a short film, based on a theme assigned to them. Judges review submissions and select finalists which are presented at the film festival and screening.

Winners of November 2021 FilmBoot24 and Films

This year we were back LIVE on Drew University’s campus (using COVID protocols) with a record number of students. Five teams of students and filmmaking mentors worked together to create these amazing films in just 24-hours during our November 2021 FilmBoot24!! Each film had a theme drawn at random that was tied to their curriculum and each team had to use a Bottle of Hand Sanitizer in some way in their film.

Winners of November 2021 FilmBoot24

Team 1 - Not Welcome Here.jpgGRAND JURY PRIZE FILM:  Not Welcome Here

Team 1: Abigail Zealey Bess, Celine Jobson – Mentors;
Samara Fishkin, Tairi Johnson, Elainna Hodge, Ederson Jean, Lutherking Saint Jean, Sukanya Salmon, Daisy Paucar

Theme: World Cultures – Studying the cultures of the world empowers emerging global citizens. What kinds of World Cultures do you see in your school? What problems arise from the clash of World Cultures?

Team 3 - Good Vibes.jpgRUNNER-UP FILM:  Good Vibes

Team 3: Danielle Earle, Ignazio Monda – Mentors; Madison Hilferty, Raiza Rojas, David Champagne, Christal-Rayne Roberts, Jakir Willis, Weitchi Dorvis, Amani Steen, Kay’Dranique McFarlane

Theme: Health and Wellness – The choices we make and the habits we form while we are young become the foundation for the lives we lead as adults. What types of choices about your health are important to you? Why does Health and Wellness matter in the world we live in?

Team 2 - Dirty World.jpgFINALIST FILM: Dirty World

Team 2: Pamm Malveaux, Rughda Baldo – Mentors;
Amelia Abruscato, Chris Mwaniki, Jade Lopez, Jeremi Jones, Shawneice Salmon, Asha Smith

Theme: Taking a Stand – what examples come to mind of someone taking a stand? What happened when they did? What is worth fighting for?

Team 4 - Wiping Away Our Differences.jpgFINALIST FILM:  Wiping Away Our Differences

Team 4: Erin Harper, Jennah Pinckney – Mentors
Hanna    Scott, Alyssa Baron, Avianna Miller, Ga’sanii Smith, Mugelina Adrien, Glendy Morocho, Jhondhy Cher-Enfant, Kensia Blair

Theme: World Cultures – Studying the cultures of the world empowers emerging global citizens. What kinds of World Cultures do you see in your school? What problems arise from the clash of World Cultures?

Team 5 - Germs Anatomy.jpgFINALIST FILM:  Germs Anatomy

Team 5: Nina-Simone Crawford, Nia Hargrove – Mentors
Jason Amaro Davila, Luca Marino, Anthonia Aroguno, Miguel Huayhuas, Makayla Horton, Ashley Sanchez, Kalisha Champagne

Theme:  Health and Wellness -The choices we make and the habits we form while we are young become the foundation for the lives we lead as adults. What types of choices about your health are important to you? Why does Health and Wellness matter in the world we live in?