The CPT Application Process

CPT processing times is three business days if all documents are submitted and complete.  You cannot begin working until the authorization is approved and a new I-20 is created. 

Steps to Apply 


  • Schedule an appointment with ISSS (Stephanie Bias | sbias@drew.edu) in Tilghman House to discuss CPT requirements if you have questions regarding the process or qualifying internships.

STEP 2:  

  • Theological School: Masters’ students should meet with Tanya Linn Bennett (tbennett@drew.edu) and PhD students with Meredith Hoxie Schol (mhoxieschol@drew.edu).  
  • Caspersen School: Meet with the Director of Graduate Academic Services (Hilary McKane | hfloyd@drew.edu)


  1. Ask the program director listed here to complete the CPT Authorization Form :
    1. Theo Masters’ Students: Tanya Linn Bennett
    2. Theo PhD: Meredith Hoxie Schol
    3. Caspersen: Program Convenor
  2. Register for the course that qualifies for CPT employment
  3. Ask employer for an official internship or employment offer letter
  4. Submit all forms and documents to International Student & Scholar Services in Tilghman House for review.  If approved, a new I-20 will be requested with the CPT work authorization noted on page 2 of the document.

ISSS will send an email for you to pick up the CPT I-20 which you will need to provide to the employer. 

Social Security Number

If you do not have a social security number, you will need to apply once you have the CPT approval.  You will also need the offer letter from the employer AND letter from ISSS regarding your off campus work eligibility. Applications are normally processed within 10 business days.  Instructions on how to apply for the SSN: Link

Extending CPT

If you plan to do more than one internship, you will need to register for a course or internship credit and be approved for CPT each semester:  Fall, Spring, Summer. The work authorization must be approved BEFORE you begin employment. The application process is the same as outlined above.