Every year, first-year students take a Drew Seminar (DSEM) during their first semester; the DSEM is an exciting course, taught by full-time faculty in their areas of interest and expertise, that focuses on the development of transferable skills such as critical thinking, academic writing, oral presentation, and interpersonal communication. These courses are not your run-of-the-mill seminar experience! Offerings for the fall 2024 semester include engaging topics like:

  • Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, taught by Professor Christopher Andrews
  • Personal Identity and Immortality, taught by Professor Erik Anderson
  • Sugar: Our Favorite Molecule in Food, Culture, and Media, taught by Professor Kimberly Choquette
  • Gender Questions, taught by Professor Wendy Kolmar
  • The Psychology of Money, taught by Professor Steve Firestone
  • Latinos in Hollywood: Representations, Stereotypes, and Identities, taught by Professor Raul Rosales

In your DSEM, you can look forward to invigorating discussions, visits from guest speakers, and a range of co-curricular activities that will make the course content come alive, all while creating a community with your faculty and peers that sets the stage for your next four years. A strong sense of community is a hallmark of the Drew experience, both inside and outside the classroom, and the DSEM exemplifies that the two go hand-in-hand.

Full course descriptions coming soon.