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Recruitment Talking Points


Why Drew? Epic_

The Drew approach: The true benefit of a Drew education is the holistic, 360-degree approach. No matter your program of study, as a student, you will reap the benefit of the Drew “mix” (rigorous academics, purposeful experiences, network of mentors, powerful community).

Drew’s size: Drew’s small size is an unequivocal positive. It allows for a more personal and customizable academic experience, as well as deeper and more meaningful relationships with faculty and mentors.

The Drew community: The Drew community is one that any student would want to be a part of. Diverse, engaged, supportive.

Location: A lush, beautiful campus in a charming and safe small town, all less than an hour from New York City, the beach (Jersey Shore), and the mountains (Poconos). The best of all worlds. Drew’s proximity to NYC means you have a wide range of options for internships, externships and networking with organizations like BBC Worldwide, the New York Yankees, and the Guggenheim Museum. Our region has one of the largest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the nation. Madison is the #1 Safest College Town in New Jersey, and #3 in the U.S., according to SafeWise. From campus, you can walk to the Madison train station, which takes you straight into the heart of midtown Manhattan.

Drew provides Epic opportunities, Epic connections, and Epic experiences – and as a community, we come together to help our students create their own (personalized, customized) version of what that looks like. Everything we do at Drew is designed to supercharge our students’ chance for success.

Proof points/unique programs to highlight:

Research Institute for Scientists Emereti (RISE)

  • Through Drew’s RISE program, students work side-by-side with star researchers, including highly recognized, patent-holding scientists.

NYC Semesters

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Museums and Cultural Management
  • Wall Street
  • United Nations
  • Communications & Media
  • New York Theatre
  • Contemporary Art

 London Semester

Drew Summer Science Institute

  • The Drew Summer Science Institute (DSSI) is a program that pairs students with faculty mentors for an individual experience working full-time on a research project such as studying cancer cell production or developing eco-friendly plastics.

Digital Humanities Summer Institute

  • The Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) pairs students with faculty mentors to conduct primary research using digital humanities over the summer, such as mapping ancient Roman temples or retracing Shakespeare’s London.

Drew Action Scholars

  • A hands-on program for advancing real-world solutions for social change. 100+ hours of community-based immersive experience in three areas—civic, global, and innovative.


  • Students can spend summer, winter, or spring break on an international course that’s designed and led by Drew faculty and integrates academic research with culture and language study. Examples include:
    • Environmental Psychology in Australia
    • Food, Culture, & Sustainability in Tuscany
    • Healthcare & Human Development in South Africa
    • Literary Island: Writing Workshops in Greece
    • Psychology of Group Conflict & Reconciliation in South Africa
    • Spanish Language & Culture in Barcelona
    • Irish Voices: Culture, History, & Social Experience
    • Global Business Strategies in Northern Italy

    Dual degree programs

    • Drew offers over 18 combined degree tracks with schools like Columbia, Duke, and NYU in programs that include medicine, law, engineering, nursing, cybersecurity, and environmental management, among others. BA + BS, BA + MS, BA + MD.

    Baldwin Honors Program

    • Students conduct original research leading to a senior thesis and have even more opportunities for immersive experiences. Baldwin Honors students regularly earn Goldwater, Fulbright, and other prestigious scholarships.

    Internships through the Center of Career Development

    Center for Mentoring and Professional Networks

    • The Center for Mentoring and Professional Networks facilitates access to Drew’s strong and committed network of alumni and community partners to ensure that every student has the tools to cultivate as broad a network as possible by graduation.

    Tips about tone:

    • Drew is an exciting place to be a student, but it is also cozy, friendly, and warm.
    • We want prospects to think of Drew as:
      • Optimistic
      • Inclusive
      • Connected
      • Exciting
      • Relevant

    Other things to remember/keep in mind:

    • Epic is the front door, not the house. It invites students in and grabs their attention.
    • Epic is not a replacement for Launch. Launch still exists as a benefit to Drew students.
    • Don’t overuse the word “Epic.” Use it only if/when it feels appropriate or natural. Do not overdo it. And consider other words/ways to express the idea of a “big” experience. The Epic concept is more about the tone and energy (fun, friendly, possibility-filled) than it is about that one word. Examples pulled from current creative:
      • Horizon-broadening
      • Perspective-shifting
      • Opportunity-expanding>
      • Big experiences lead to bold adventures.
      • Think big. Then think bigger. Because this is when things start to  get interesting. Opportunities open up. Mentors appear. Adventures take shape. You are about to embark on an amazing journey. And at Drew, we make sure that journey is grounded in big experiences and bold thinking. Everything we do, all that we are, is designed to supercharge your chance for success.
      • It’s not just about what you will study while you’re at Drew: It’s about what you will do. Who you will meet. Where those experiences will take you. Your future is about to blast wide open—in the best possible way. And we can’t wait to help you get started.
      • Is the undergraduate experience at Drew kind of major? In a word, YES. Because Drew is so much more than a place to earn your degree. It’s where you’ll meet some of your closest friends. Get connected to life-changing mentors. Learn in ways that could take you around the globe, or straight into the real world of professional life, meaningful community action, and leading social change.

    Questions? Contact our team at communications@drew.edu.


Visit drew.edu/accolades to check out the most up-to-date accolades!

Recent graduates have gone on to work for companies including the American Museum of Natural History, Apple, Bloomberg, CNN, Google, Michael Kors, the New England Patriots, MTV, the Smithsonian Institution, Pfizer and Walt Disney Company. And have gone on to top-notch grad schools including Brown, NYU, Stanford, Dartmouth, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, and the London School of Economics.


How to talk about Launch:

Launch is central to the Drew academic experience – and every member of the Drew community should be able to comfortably talk about it in a consistent way. The key is simplicity. Focus on the four core elements: 

Launch is our career development platform, focused on the intentional integration of

  • rigorous academics
  • networked mentorship
  • purposeful experiences
  • powerful community

To go deeper into Launch messaging (or a Launch conversation), hone in on the more distinctive elements within those four attributes. Most liberal arts colleges have similar programs in place – so think about the elements of Launch that are most appealing to your prospects.

  • Drew students graduate with a toolbox full of skills that translate to any career path.
  • Dedicated team of coaches and advisors. Every student has faculty, peer, and alumni mentors, as well as career coaches and staff advisors.
  • Guaranteed experiences. The fact that a minimum of two fully immersive, resumé-ready experiences are required for graduation and documented in transcripts. Drew offers immersive experiences for every type of major and program.
  • Supportive community and among the most inclusive colleges in the country. 


  • Your classes will push you to be present and to actively connect what you’re learning with where you want your career to go. 
  • You will have an incredible network of support—not just faculty mentors (who are there to advise, inspire, and challenge you), but also career, peer, and personal mentors. (And that’s huge: it means you leave Drew prepared for a world in which 85% of jobs are filled through networking.)
  • You’ll have at least two fully immersive, resume-ready experiences before you graduate. We guarantee it. Internships, high-level research, and volunteer work that makes a real, measurable difference. 
  • You’ll do it all in a community that has your back and is rooting for your success.
  • As a Drew graduate, you’ll be able to craft a narrative that articulates your skills and defines your focus. And that is an invaluable tool – in job interviews and beyond.