uLogin Accounts.

All Drew University students, faculty, and staff are entitled to a uLogin account. Your uLogin account provides you with universal access through a single username and password to all Drew technology services.

More Information

Account Activation

uLogin accounts are automatically created for all new employees and students. Before they can be used, the uLogin account must be activated. To activate your uLogin account, visit www.drew.edu/activate. The activation process will request your uLogin ID and various personal information to confirm your identity.


Passwords for uLogin accounts must be changed every 180 days. You will be prompted to change your password 7 days before it expires. To change your password at any time, log into TreeHouse and select Change Password within the Personal Information box on the Students or Employees tab, or visit https://password.drew.edu directly.

Anyone enrolled in Duo Security will not be required to change their password but can choose to do so following the steps above.

Forgotten Passwords

Password Self-Service is available to assist you in the event you forget your uLogin password. In order to use this feature, you must have previously established your password security questions. Simply select Forgot Password from the uLogin page and you will be prompted for your security questions to reset your password. If you have not established security questions or do not remember them, contact the University Technology Service Center at (973) 408-4357 (HELP) or email helpdesk@drew.edu for assistance.

uLogin Account Eligibility

Eligibility for ulogin accounts is restricted to the following:


  • Active Students: Students designated by the Registrar’s Office as ‘Active’ or on current ‘Leave of Absence’ are granted uLogin access.
  • Leave of Absence: Students on a Leave of Absence that has expired will retain limited access (email and TreeHouse only) for one year after the start date of the academic term in which they started their leave.

Questions regarding student status should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.


  • Alumni of Drew University: Students designated by the Registrar’s Office as earning a Degree at Drew University are granted Alumni access. Alumni access includes access to your Drew email address, as well as selected parts of the Drew TreeHouse.  Alumni can not login to computer workstations managed by Drew University.


  • Students who have earned at least one grade in a course at Drew but did not earn a degree will continue to retain their TreeHouse self-service access for life. Access to all other services, including email, will be discontinued when no longer an active student as designated by the Office of the Registrar. Former students can not login to computer workstations managed by Drew University.


  • Current Employees: Faculty and staff designated by the Human Resources Office as ‘Active’ or with a future employment start date are granted uLogin access.
  • Recent adjunct faculty: Faculty that are no longer designated ‘Active’, but that have taught courses in a semester that ended less than 30 days ago are granted uLogin access.

Questions regarding employee status should be directed to the Human Resources Office.


Questions regarding affiliate access should be directed to the Human Resources Office.