Cost shouldn’t stand in the way of pursuing your dream. You’ll be happy to know that approximately 92% of Drew University graduate students qualify for scholarships or other financial assistance.

At Drew, we seek to make your graduate experience transformative, defining and affordable. Our Office of Graduate Admissions is happy to discuss your options and connect you with the appropriate department for more information regarding federal financial aid, merit based scholarships and outside funding opportunities.

Merit Scholarships
Drew offers merit-based academic scholarships for graduate students. Applicants are considered for these awards at the time an application is reviewed and no additional application is required. If applicable, you will receive notification of your merit scholarship in your admissions letter.

Educator Scholarship
Educators are an essential part of the Drew community. Full-time employees (teachers and support staff) at local public schools, private schools, or institutions of higher education, may qualify for our Educator Scholarship.

Nurse’s Scholarship
Drew is committed to humanizing health care and nurses have always played a central role in this mission. All nurses employed full-time in health care may be eligible for our Nurse Scholarship.

United Methodist Initiative
United Methodist applicants to the Theological School’s Master of Divinity degree, who have achieved at least a 3.0 GPA while earning their undergraduate degree, receive a scholarship of at least 100% tuition.

Sampson-McCann Scholarship
This scholarship is set aside specifically for non-United Methodist applicants to the Theological School. Persons engaged in social justice within urban environments are eligible for this award.

Tipple Scholarship
The highest scholarship awarded by the Theological School. It is distributed to the most exemplary applicant who has demonstrated significant academic ability, and gifts for ministry.

Stafford Scholarships – International, Diversity and Regional
The Theological School is a richly diverse community. The Stafford Scholarships help make it possible to bring quality students to Drew from both the international community, as well as from across the nation. Scholarships are also used to enhance the cultural and denominational essence of the Drew community.


Students eligible for federal financial aid are encouraged to apply at the time of your application for admission by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.


Student Employment & Work/Study

Working on campus may be a great way to offset some of the cost of your graduate studies.


Scholarship Resources

The Office of Graduate Admissions has identified several scholarship resources/opportunities to help you defray costs.


Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are available from a number of organizations that support graduate and/or theological education.

We encourage students to apply for awards from other sources, such as civic organizations or private foundations. Just make sure you report them to the Office of Financial Assistance.

Federal regulations require that these awards be treated as educational resources meeting the financial aid applicant’s need. Drew University’s policy is that such resources are used first to reduce unmet need, then loan eligibility, then work eligibility and, only if necessary, scholarships.


Expenses for our graduate and theological programs differ depending on degree, whether students live on or off campus and the number of credits taken.

Students admitted into the Ph.D. in the Graduate Division of Religion may receive up to a full tuition scholarship.

Drew offers merit-based scholarships for all Masters level degree programs as well.

Drew does not offer any merit-based scholarships for the Doctor of Ministry degree. A summary of tuition and fees can be found here.

For  more information please reach out to graduateadmissions@drew.edu

As a Ph.D student at the Drew Theological School, I was given a full tuition scholarship and teaching opportunities to earn a stipend. These teaching opportunities have enriched my career and teaching experiences, which also have expanded to other fellowship opportunities. Financially, the Drew scholarship system has been very helpful for me to move forward in my academic journey in this doctorate program!
Seong Hyun Lee

Doctor of Philosophy