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Contact the Registrar’s Office

For questions regarding transcripts, please email transcripts@drew.edu

For requests and questions regarding diplomas, please email regist@drew.edu

All other e-mail inquiries should be sent to regist@drew.edu.  All e-mails will filter through that account and be sent to the person who can best assist you.

All emails (student, faculty, and staff) should be sent to regist@drew.edu or transcripts@drew.edu as those boxes are monitored routinely and emails are responded to or distributed to the appropriate staff person, if necessary.

Schedule an Appointment: Appointments are not necessary to visit the Office of the Registrar, the office is open for drop-ins Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM. Please use this form to request an appointment if you would like to request a zoom appointment on a specific topic that cannot be dealt with over email, phone, or in-person.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for the following:

  • FERPA Information

  • Specialty Reporting Requests

  • General Higher Education Requests

  • Faculty Outreach

  • Academic Policies and Procedures

  • Scheduling

  • Room Changes/Scheduling

  • Catalog Information

  • Specific Registrar Webpage Questions

  • Transcript Requests


    • Transfer / Transcript Evaluations

    • Enrollment Verifications

    • Pre-Approvals for Credits

    • Ladder Petitions

    • Registration Assistance

    • Cross-Registration

    • Grade Changes/Entry

    • Degree Audit

    • Adviser Addition/Changes

    • Pre-Approval to Study Elsewhere

    Meet Our Staff

    Registrar’s Office Main Line

    (973) 408-3025

    Lisa Ellner

    Lisa Ellner

    Academic Services and Degree Coordinator
    (973) 408-3619

    Jane Kourakos

    Jane Kourakos

    Registration and Records Coordinator
    (973) 408-3754

    Stephanie Caldwell

    Stephanie Caldwell

    University Registrar

    Jennifer Van Frank

    Jennifer Van Frank

    Office Administrator
    (973) 408-3243

    Victoria Tommasulo

    Victoria Tommasulo

    Scheduling and Catalog Coordinator
    (973) 408-3929