Staying Connected with the OAR Every Semester

Students who are currently registered with the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) and wish to use accommodations for the new term have the option to either submit a Semester Request for Accommodation Letters  through the Accommodate Student Portal and receive their letters electronically or make an appointment with the Director to obtain physical copies. Appointments can be made by calling (973) 408-3962 or request by e-mail at dgiroux@drew.edu.

Accommodations related to academic coursework are effective beginning on the date the professor is notified via the accommodation letter and are, generally, are not retroactive; therefore, students are strongly encouraged to obtain their accommodation letters before classes begin.

Students that require specific academic and environmental accommodations, (e.g. adaptive software, accessible classrooms, CART services, interpreters) are strongly encouraged to contact the OAR Director at least three weeks before the start of the new term. Students that require alternate format materials (e.g. large-print, e-text) are encouraged to meet with the OAR Director as soon as classes are selected.