Faculty Evaluator Role Overview

Faculty evaluators work in tandem with Drew students and the Center for Career Development to ensure that internship experiences help fulfill students’ professional and academic goals.

Before pursuing an internship experience, students connect with faculty to discuss their internship and professional development goals, as they relate to their academic progress to date.

INTC-200 Course Syllabus

A copy of the current INTC-200 course syllabus may be found here.

About the Final Project

All students completing INTC 200 must complete a final project. The format of the project they complete is determined by whether or not the student is completing this internship for credit in their major or not.

If the student is not completing this internship to fulfill a major requirement, they will work with their faculty evaluator to determine an appropriate project to showcase their learning over the course of the internship. The project format may differ from one field to another based on the work of the internship. Sample formats include but are not limited to an Immersive Experience poster, an extended reflection paper, a presentation, a portfolio of work, a podcast, etc.   

If the student is completing this internship to fulfill a major requirement, they should consult with the faculty evaluator on the format of the project they’ll be required to do. Some students may need to complete an academic paper, while others may complete the Immersive Experience poster or another format of the project.

Project Submission Process

Completed final projects should be shared by email to the student’s career advisor, and copied to the student’s faculty evaluator by the first day of finals for the semester.

Submitting Feedback

Upon receiving a student’s final project at the end of the term, a career advisor will provide faculty evaluators with a feedback submission Google form. Faculty will have five calendar days to reply with their feedback. Faculty do not need to submit grades via Treehouse for student internships.