Recruiting & Onboarding Resources

Approved Out-of-State Hiring

Out-of-state hiring is limited to candidates who reside in states where Drew University has obtained approval by each state’s Department of Labor as an approved employer of remote workers.
This decision aligns with Drew’s commitment to compliance and ensures we adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.
As such, when considering out-of-state candidates for fully or partially remote positions, please verify their primary address is located within a permissible state before extending an offer to candidates.
Below is a list of Drew University approved states to hire adjuncts, full-time faculty or staff to work remotely.

  • Alabama (AL)
  • California (CA)
  • Michigan (MI)
  • New Jersey (NJ)
  • New York (NY)
  • Pennsylvania (PA)
  • South Carolina (SC)
  • Vermont (VT)
  • Washington D.C (DC)

Hiring candidates to work remotely in a state not listed above indicates that Drew University cannot meet the state minimum registration requirements as a remote employer.

Additional states may be added in the future should Drew University meet the minimum state registration requirements. This will ensure Drew University maintains compliance throughout the recruitment process.

I Want to Fill a Position...

Step 1: Submit your request to your respective area VP or Cabinet Member for approval. Then complete and email the Job Description Questionnaire Template (JDQ) to humres@drew.edu.

Step 2: Once step 1 is approved, complete the Job Posting Template; please review the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)  instructional video or the written instructions, then go to https://workforcenow.adp.com to create your Job Requisition to post your vacant/new position.

Step 3: Once a candidate has been selected via the ATS, complete the Offer Letter in the system. Use the Offer Letter Request Form only for internal hires, temporary employees, interns, and volunteers.

If filling a temporary position, please complete the  Temporary Employee Request Form and send it to Budget@Drew.edu.

Step 4: Complete the UT Technology Needs Form to update UT on the tech needs (i.e., phone line, computer/laptop, Banner access) of a new hire or current Drew employee who is moving office locations or changing jobs.

Step 5: Once the new hire is onboarded, return the Job Description Template to Human Resources with both the supervisor’s and new hire’s endorsements.

*Please note that steps 1, 3, and 5 only cover staff positions. For information on this process for faculty, please get in touch with the Provost’s office.

I Want to Make an Employment Detail Change to My Employee...

Step 1: Complete the Confirmation Letter Request Form to generate letters confirming transactions like title changes, departmental transfers, promotions, salary increases, renewals, etc.

Step 2: Forward an updated Job Description Questionnaire Template (JDQ) to HR (relevant for all situations except salary increases and renewals where there has been no change to the duties of the role). If warranted by the nature of the change, complete the UT Technology Needs Form to update UT on the tech needs (i.e., phone line and computer).

I Want to Provide a Non-Drew Affiliate System Access...

Step 1: Please have your affiliate sign the Drew University User Agreement before completing the form below. You will be asked to upload this when completing the affiliate form.

Step 2: Complete the Affiliate Account Request Form.

Step 3: Please take note of your Affiliate’s potential end date, and reach out to HR at least a month prior to extend or renew their access.

*Please note that access is provided in 1-year increments unless a shorter time frame is indicated. The sponsoring department is responsible for contacting HR to extend or renew access.

I am a New Faculty or Staff Hire...

Welcome to Drew!  To help facilitate your acclimation to the University, we have created an onboarding information packet and checklist to keep track of your required items.

Onboarding Checklist







Return the signed Offer Letter to HumRes@drew.edu and your hiring manager. One week after receiving the offer letter. All Employees; Not applicable to agency temps*


Within 1-2 business days of HR receiving your signed letter, you will receive an email from ADP, our payroll partner, to complete your onboarding. In order to receive your Drew email account, you must be completely onboarded in ADP.

Note: There are some exceptions to this process if your appointment does not begin until the following academic year. HR will communicate the onboarding timeframe to you.

As soon as possible but at least 3 weeks prior to your start/hire date All Employees; Not applicable to agency temps*


Once you activate your Drew email address and ULogin has been established, register for Duo Two-Factor Authentication System  For help, contact the Helpdesk.  Start date All



Review our Benefits webpage.  You will receive an email from HR about attending a benefits orientation and notifying you when you’re able to enroll in benefits. If you have any questions, please email HumRes@drew.edu. Within 72 hours of receiving the benefits email Only benefits-eligible employees


Access relevant forms based on part time or full time status here.

When uploading, please be sure to respond to the “Who are the files from?” with your name in “Last Name, First Name” format.

End of first week All employees


Click here for more information. End of first week All employees; Issued to others as needed


Please contact Campus Security.  End of first week All


Complete any department-specific new hire tasks outlined by your supervisor  If a key order has been submitted for you, bring your ID to Facilities Department to retrieve your keys.

Start date All Employees; Check with supervisor


The following training is required for all new hires. Login credentials will be emailed a few weeks after start date.

  1. FERPA—Confidentiality of All Records
  2. Discrimination—Avoiding Discriminatory Practice
  3. Sexual Harassment—Staff-to-Staff
  4. Protecting Children on Campus: Preventing Sexual Abuse
Within 14 days of receipt of training email All Employees; Not applicable to contractors, agency
temps* or volunteers

*Not the same as  “Drew Temp” as Drew Temps are paid and employed by the University as opposed to an external entity. 

**Please note that your prior existence in Drew’s Banner systems will preclude you from receiving the activation email in Step 3.  If this is the case, you may be able to resurrect access to your Drew email by simply resetting your password if you have forgotten your login credentials.  Otherwise, if you have not received your activation email within 2 business days of completing Step 2, please contact the HR Office at HumRes@Drew.Edu.

I am a Student Employee...

Please refer to the Student Employment website for further information.