Accounts Payable is responsible for processing invoices to vendors, non-payroll payments for faculty, staff, and students, void and reissue payments, and maintain fiduciary responsibility for university funds.
Purchase Order Invoicing

Invoice Processing

Invoices submitted by vendors are matched with the approved purchase orders generated from the Banner system, and then paid. Invoices with a valid University purchase order are only accepted through email. Paper invoices will not be accepted.

Invoices submitted to payables@drew.edu must have the following:

  1. Reference a valid Drew University purchase order. Invoices submitted without a valid purchase order will not be processed.
  2. Be billed to Drew University.
  3. Have a unique invoice number and invoice date. Duplicate invoice numbers will not be accepted.
  4. Drew ordering and ship-to-contact information.
  5. If taxable and non-taxable items are included on same invoice, separate the total taxable and total non-taxable amounts (preferred).
  6. File must be the following file type(s): PDF

Departments, be sure to:

  • Have enough funds on the purchase order
  • Complete a purchase order before the vendor delivers the good or service
  • Receive the good or service before the vendor sends AP an invoice
  • Remind the supplier to send invoices to the department via email
  • Respond to our request to review invoices if returned for more information

Payment Terms

Drew University standard payment terms are NET 30 and are from the invoice date, unless the vendor has a signed contract with different terms or the payment method utilized allows for next check run payment terms. Any exception(s) to these terms must be reviewed and approved by Procurement. Requests must come from a department head, and not the vendor.

For Foreign Addresses, an international wire will need to be completed through the payment request form by the submitting department. The department must note on the Payment Request that they will be requesting a wire for this payment, otherwise a paper check will be printed, and the department will have to have the payment cancelled and restart the process.

Non-PO Invoicing

Non-PO Transactions

Non-PO transactions are defined as a transaction that is not for Goods or Services. Payment Requests and Direct Bill Uploads are considered Non-PO Transactions. The Non-PO Purchases  page confirms if the type of payment is eligible to be paid without an approved purchase order.

The payment request form is used to request payment for certain expenses that do require the involvement of purchasing support.

Voids, Reissues, and Stop Payments

To stop a payment or have a check cancelled or reissued, please send a detailed explanation of the reason for payment cancellation or reissue to payables@drew.edu. Missing information will be returned to the department and will delay the process.

Invoice Inquiries

Questions about the status of invoices, payment requests and status of payment should be sent to payables@drew.edu. We will reply to your inquiry within two (2) business days.