Info for Faculty & Staff

ISSS provides support and services for the international student and scholar population at Drew. Here you will find helpful information and forms to assist our international community.


Laura Arthur | INTO Drew Interim Executive Director, Drew Director International Student & Scholar Services
Email: larthur@drew.edu | Phone: 973-408-3182 | Tilghman House #109

Matt Zonis | INTO Drew Assistant Director of Marketing & Recruitment
Email: mzonis@drew.edu | Phone: 973-765-7012 | Tilghman House #108

Kaylin Russell | INTO Drew Marketing and Communications Specialist
Email: krussell2@drew.edu | Phone: 973-765-7012 | Tilghman House #108

Patti McCloskey | INTO Drew Enrollment Manager
Email: pmcclosk@drew.edu | Phone: 973-408-4966 | Tilghman House #107

Dina Cenicola | Drew CLA Admissions & Student Services Coordinator
Email: dcenicola@drew.edu | Phone: 973-408-4974 | Tilghman House #306

Stephanie Bias | Drew University International Student Advisor, Associate Director
Email:  sbias@drew.edu | Phone: 973-408-4961 | Tilghman House #306

Michelle Coles | INTO Drew Student Services Coordinator, Academic Coach
Email: mcoles@drew.edu | Phone: 973-408-4964 | Tilghman House #107

Tamayo Zhou | INTO Drew Chinese Language & Culture Advisor, Academic Coach
Email: tzhou@drew.edu | Phone: 973-408-4964 | Tilghman House #107

Zainab Al Badri | Drew University International Student Advisor , SEVIS Coordinator
Email: zalbadri@drew.edu | Phone: 973-408-4966 | Tilghman House #106

John Jordan | INTO Drew Academic Director, Drew ESL Faculty
Email: jjordan2@drew.edu | Phone: 973-408-4960 | Tilghman House #302

Maximillian Orsini | INTO Drew Academic Program Manager,  Drew ESL & Writing Studies Faculty
Email: morsini@drew.edu | Phone: 973-408-4973 | Tilghman House #305

Keeley Thornton | Drew ESL & Writing Studies Faculty
Email: kthornton@drew.edu | Phone: 973-408-4973 | Tilghman House #304


International students on the F-1 & J-1 visa are eligible for on-campus employment. Immigration regulations restrict the work to 20 hours/wk while classes are in session. Students must be registered full-time to maintain their non-immigrant visa status and to be eligible for on-campus employment. Information regarding off-campus employment (which is very restricted for student visa holders) is available on the website at Employment and Practical Training.

Students with a Social Security Number

F-1 Visa Holder: Student must visit the Center for Internships and Career Development in Sycamore Cottage to complete the required new-hire documents (I-9 and W-4).

J-1 Visa Holder: Department must notify International Student & Scholar Services. Please send an email with student name, hiring department, position, supervisor name and phone/email to Laura Arthur, larthur@drew.edu or Stephanie Bias, sbias@drew.edu. Student must visit the Center for Internships and Career Development once s/he receives a J-1 student employment letter to complete the required new-hire documents (I-9 and W-4).

Other Visa Categories:  If a student is in the United States on another type of visa (e.g. a dependent visa if a parent is working in the U.S.), please contact ISSS to determine if the student is eligible to work.  Some dependent visas allow for employment and others do not.  Laura Arthur: 973.408.3182 or Stephanie Bias: 973.408.4961.

Process for Students who need to apply for the SSN

F-1 and J-1 Visa Holders:

  1. Student must have a job offer from a department on the Drew campus to be eligible to apply for a Social Security number.
  2. Hiring Department completes the new hire form.
  3. Student receives a required support letter from ISSS.
  4. Student applies for SSN.  The nearest Social Security Administration Office is at 2200 State Rt. 10, 2nd Floor, Parsippany, NJ, 07054. Hours are M, T, Thur & Fri 9AM-4PM and Wednesday 9AM-12PM
  5. After student receives Social Security card in the mail (wait time is approx. 2 weeks), s/he must visit the Center for Internships and Career Development to complete the required new-hire documents (I-9 and W-4).


International students who are new to the United States will need to apply for a social security number before they can be paid by Drew University. In order to be eligible for the SSN, a student must demonstrate to International Student & Scholar Services that they have been offered on-campus employment.

Please complete this form if you are hiring an international student to work in your department. The form must be submitted by the hiring department and not the international student. Immigration regulations allow students in F-1 and J-1 status to work on campus part-time (up to 20 hrs/wk) while classes are in session and full-time during official university break periods. If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Bias, International Student Advisor at sbias@drew.edu or Laura Arthur, Director of ISSS at larthur@drew.edu.

Hiring Department SSN Request Form