Student Data Requests

The Office of the Registrar provides data to faculty and staff primarily for internal education needs (student/course/program/department level). Access to and use of student data is governed by both the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and university policies. Protecting student data is a shared responsibility of all university faculty, staff, administrators, and third-party contractors. The Office of the Registrar does not provide data for student projects.

Request for Student Data

Select the term the pull data. Student records are term based and capture data accordingly (i.e. major changes, active status). If you select "Other," please provide both the term and year, e.g. Fall 2019.
Please provide the reason you are requesting the report, including what you plan to do with the data (will it be shared, will student's be contacted, etc.) and who else will be viewing the data. If you are planning to share the data, or use it for public use, please refer to the FERPA guidelines on Drew's website to review what can and cannot be shared: https://www.drew.edu/registrars-office/about-us/students/family-educational-rights-and-privacy-act-ferpa/.
Check all of the fields you would like included in your report.
Please describe in detail which students you want included in your report.
Please enter any comments in regards to when the report is needed.