Starting a New Club

More than 60 organizations exist on the Drew Campus. There are organizations that are culturally oriented, artistic in nature, connected with academic departments or organized to meet the needs of a variety of student populations at Drew (e.g., commuters, residents, etc.). If you decide after surveying the list of organizations that are currently recognized that none of them meets your needs, you may want to start a new one. Here’s how:

  1. Meet with a representative from the Budget & Organizations Board (bob@drew.edu) to discuss your idea for the organization, its purpose and how to begin.
  2. Any person(s) interested in starting a new organization may do so in either the Fall or Spring Semester within the following time frames. In the Fall semester, new organizations may form in the week following the Activities Fair through December 1st. In the Spring Semester, new organizations may form until April 1st.
  3. The provisional period is a trial period for a club to get established on campus, this period will last from the club’s granting of provisional status, until the time of their first Budget & Organizations Board (bob@drew.edu) review.
  4. All constitutions must follow the sample constitution, which is attached within this document. All bolded items within the constitution must remain as so; additional amendments and items may be added and some of the un-bolded items may be adjusted by the club, according to how your club will function.
  5. Once the application is submitted you will be contacted. A meeting will be scheduled to give you an opportunity to present your idea and information to the Budget & Organizations Board (bob@drew.edu).
  6. All organizations are held accountable to the statement of “Rights and Responsibilities of Registered Student Organizations”.
  7. University clubs and organizations are open to all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.
Responsibilities of Registered Student Organizations
  1. Must adhere to Educational Policies and Regulations, any student on Academic Probation is ineligible to be an active participant in any registered student organization.
  2. Must sponsor at least two campus-wide events or community service activities per semester.
  3. Must have an Advisor that is a full time Drew faculty or staff member. Advisor should be listed on The Path.
  4. Must maintain an up-to-date list of officers on The Path. It is requested that a voluntary list of active members be on The Path  each academic year.
  5. Must have a current constitution on The Path.
  6. Must adhere to all guidelines associated with receiving funds from BOB, if applicable.
  7. Must email the Office of Student Engagement prior to beginning any fundraising projects.
  8. Responsible for sound fiscal management of organization and for prompt payment of any debts incurred. Students are not permitted to sign contracts or enter into agreements on behalf of their organization. All contracts and agreements under $5000 must be signed by the one of the Deans of Student Engagement.
  9. Responsible for the activities of non-student members and guests while participating in the activities of the student organization.
  10. Responsible for supervising and ensuring the safe operation of their programs.
  11. Each organization is responsible for maintaining adequate communication with the Office of Student Activities.
  12. If an organization has Drew University web space they are responsible for maintaining and updating their website each semester. Failure to do so may result in loss of web space.
  13. Must abide by all rules and policies of Drew University and the laws of local, state and federal government.
  14. Responsible for their communication and representation as in accordance with the University mission, goals and philosophy.
Role of the Club Advisor

Student organization advisors agree to:

  1. Take an active role in advising the student organization.
  2. Know the general purpose of the organization and be familiar with all provisions outlined in the organization’s constitution and bylaws.
  3. Know the officers of the organization and the current members of the organization.
  4. Meet with the organization’s president on a regular basis (at least once per month).
  5. Remain informed of all activities sponsored and conducted by the student organization and attend events as feasible.
  6. Establish with the student organization president the manner and frequency in which the advisor will participate in the organization’s activities, e.g., programs, social events, and meetings.
  7. Be knowledgeable about and adhere to University policies and procedures which pertain to student organization and inform the student organization president of his/her responsibility to do the same.
  8. Be knowledgeable of policies and procedures listed in the Drew Student Handbook (Daniel’s Dictionary) and review this code with the student organization president.
  9. Offer guidance to the organization on goal setting, organization management, program planning, problem solving and group evaluation.
  10. Know the organization’s process for obtaining new members.
  11. Report to the Associate Director of Student Engagement any activities which may or will violate University policies.

Requirements for Serving as an Advisor

  1. An advisor should be a full-time or part-time employee of Drew University. This staff member serves as the primary advisor to the student organization. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Director of Student Activities.
  2. Advisors are required to attend the various social events of the student organizations they advise, held during and after normal business hours.
  3. Advisors should be knowledgeable of Check Requests/Purchase Orders and Room Reservation forms.
  4. Advisors may assist at the door of an event, checking identification of students as they enter and will supervise the cash operation of any event.
  5. In the case of an emergency at such an event, the advisor should exercise his/her best judgment and work closely with Campus Security.
Sample Club Constitution

Your Constitution should reflect the uniqueness of your organization and the rights and responsibilities of organizations at Drew University. This sample is provided to help you construct a Constitution that establishes your organization’s name, states and supports it’s mission and philosophy, and sets policy and procedures related to your members, officers, meetings, elections, and other functions that may be unique to your organization.

The key to a good Constitution is to keep the language clear and concise and don’t box yourself in by over regulating your organization. Some actions and activities can be addressed without creating a written rule or procedure in your Constitution.

NOTE: All BOLD items in the sample Constitution are required to be included in constitutions, word for word, exactly as stated in this document.

Article 1. Name of Organization

1.01. The name of the Organization shall be (insert name of your organization) 

Article 2. Mission and Philosophy

2.01. The mission of the Organization shall be (insert the mission of your Organization)

2.02. The mission of the Organization shall be consistent with the mission of Drew University.

2.03. The mission, activities, and practices of the Organization shall not be in conflict with applicable local, New Jersey state or federal laws or University policies and procedures presently in force or hereafter enacted.

2.04 This organization shall abide by all applicable rules and regulations of the University and under the privileges as granted by the Office of Student Activities and Deans. This organization shall also abide by the rules and regulations of the University and the Board of Trustees as stated in the Drew University Student Handbook and the statement of Rights and Responsibilities of Registered Student Organizations.

2.05. Hazing and harassment practices by the organization shall be prohibited.

Article 3. Membership

3.01. Membership shall be open to all Drew University students and must comply with federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, handicap, age, sexual orientation, or political or religious affiliation. Compliance with these laws means that membership, benefits, and the election of officers will not be made on the basis of these factors.

3.02. The Organization shall maintain a membership of at least 16 fully matriculated Drew University students.

3.03. Other members of the University community (defined as current faculty, staff, administrators and alumni) may attend the Organization’s meetings and activities but may not conduct business on behalf of the Organization, vote, hold positions of responsibility including but not limited to elected, appointed, or volunteer positions or be involved in the finances of the Organization.

3.04.Membership in the Organization shall be determined by attendance at two consecutive meetings of the Organization

3.05. All Members shall have equal rights and privileges with respect to membership, holding an office, and participating in the election of the Officers of the Organization.

Article 4. Officers and Duties

4.01. The Officers of the Organization shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer who shall constitute the Executive Board of the Organization.

4.02. Additional Officer positions may be created and officers appointed by the Executive Board. These shall include but are not limited to operations officers, web master, and committee chairs. The Executive Board may include these appointed officers as part of the Organization’s governing body if a description of their responsibilities and authority are included in the Organization’s Constitution.

4.03. Clubs are required to have a full time faculty or staff member as their advisor. The advisor shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Organization. Ex-officio members shall serve only in a non-voting capacity.

4.04. All club officers shall be fully matriculated Drew University students in good standing with the University.

4.05. Any Drew University student eligible to be an Officer of the Organization shall not be permitted to hold more than one office in that organization at any one time.

4.06. The President of an Organization may not hold a similar position in another Organization registered with the Office of Student Activities.

4.07. In March of each academic year, the Executive Board of the Organization shall call a meeting of the general membership of the Organization for the purpose of electing new Officers.

4.08. The meeting date for taking nominations and holding elections, as well as the nomination and election process, shall be well publicized to all members of the Organization.

4.09. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Organization shall be elected by simple majority vote by the Members present during the election meeting. These Officers may not be appointed.

4.10. The outgoing President of the Organization shall notify the Office of Student Activities of the election results by May 1 via the on-line club officer registration form.

4.11. The President will provide the Office of Student Activities the following information for each new or reelected officer: name, officer position, and class year.

4.12. The President shall call all meetings of the Membership, regular or otherwise, and shall serve as the chairperson of such meetings. In addition, the President shall, with the advice of the Executive Committee, plan and coordinate the events to be sponsored by the Organization in forthcoming terms; with the Treasurer, if applicable prepare and present an annual budget request to the appropriate funding source, and shall serve as a liaison with the Office of Student Activities.ffice of Student Activities How To Start A New Organization

4.13. The Vice President, in the absence of the President, or should the President prove unable or unwilling to perform the duties described above, shall assume the responsibilities of the President. In addition, the Vice President shall preside overall meetings of the Executive Committee called pursuant to Section 5.06 below and shall also perform other duties as the President may assign as needed.

4.14. The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining accurate financial records of the Organization and shall be allowed to request payment on behalf of the Organization. The Treasurer, with the President, shall prepare and present any budget requests to the appropriate funding source. The officers shall insure that all funds are properly kept within the University accounting system. Outside bank accounts are not permitted.

4.15. The Secretary shall be responsible for recording accurate minutes of any Meeting, regular or otherwise, of the Membership or the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall also record all votes of the Membership or Executive Committee. The Secretary shall be responsible for the writing and distribution of a newsletter or other notice to the Membership informing them of any Meeting or other gathering of the Organization, and furthermore shall at all times maintain an accurate and complete list of the Membership of the Organization.

4.16. The advisor to the Organization must be a full time staff member of Drew University. The Club Advisor shall serve as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and shall provide guidance and administrative assistance in the preparation of a program of events to be pursued by the Organization in forthcoming academic year.

4.17. The Executive Board shall propose a program of events or publication to be sponsored by the Organization in forthcoming fall and spring semesters. Proposed programs shall be presented to the Membership for their approval at a general Meeting of the Members of the Organization. The Executive Board shall encourage Members to recommend programs or publication to be sponsored by the Organization. When appropriate, the Executive Committee shall appoint Members to serve as committee chairs to over see the various tasks related to the program or publication and to solicit the involvement of other Members of the Organization.

4.18. Any Officer of the Organization may resign at any time by delivering a written notice or email of such resignation to the President, or in the case of the resignation of the President, to the Vice President.

4.19. When an Officer position is vacated, the Executive Board shall hold elections as soon as possible to fill the position by following the Organization’s election procedures.

4.20. If any Officer of the Organization is absent from the Drew University campus due to a leave of absence or studying aboard the Executive Board shall hold elections to fill the position by following the Organization’s election procedures.

4.21. Any Officer of the Organization may be removed from such office by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Members. 

Article 5. Quorum and Meetings 

5.01. A quorum shall exist at any Meeting of the Membership where at least fifty percent (50%) of the Members are in attendance.

5.02. Actions requiring a vote may only take place when a quorum is present. The Secretary shall record the votes and announce the outcome. They shall also maintain records related to the vote including
procedures for voting and the vote count.

5.03. General Meetings of the Organization shall be held at least four times per semester at such time and place to be determined by the President.

5.04. A Special Meeting of the Membership shall be called upon written request to the President of at least twentyfive percent (25%) of the Members.

5.05. All Members shall be notified via E-mail of any Meeting and the nature of the business to be transacted there at least one week before such Meeting. No Meeting shall be called with the intent to exclude any one Member or any portion of the Membership.

 5.06. The Executive Committee of the Organization shall meet at least once before any Meeting of the Membership at such time and place to be determined by the President. At such Meetings of the Executive Committee a quorum shall be deemed to be the attendance of any three (3) members of the Executive Committee. The Vice President shall reside over this meeting. The President shall reside over the meeting when the Vice President is unable to attend the meeting.

Article 6. Voting

6.01. Each Member shall have one (1) vote.

6.02. There shall be no absentee or proxy voting with respect to any matter.

6.03. All motions require an affirmative vote of a simple majority of the Membership to be effective.

Article 7. Miscellaneous 

7.01. This Constitution may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Members of the Organization.

 7.02. Any amendment to this Constitution shall be attached hereto and made a part hereof for all purposes.

7.03. This Constitution and any amendments and changes hereto shall be filed by the club with the Office of Student Activities and shall be available to any Member of the Organization for inspection during office hours.

7.04. The Constitution on file in the Office of Student Activities shall be the official Constitution of the organization.