The Center for Career Development empowers students and alums to discover and succeed in their chosen career path.


The Center for Career Development strives to create an educated, inclusive, equitable, collaborative community of professional students, alums, faculty, staff, family members, and employers that support each other, their industry, and the community at large.

Guiding Principles

The Center’s strategy is informed by five guiding principles, each of which connects to Drew University’s institutional mission.

  1. Every student and alum is an active participant in a relationship-focused education that connects them with employers, alums, family members, faculty, staff, and students who will help inform, guide, and progress their career path.
  2. The Center provides highly informed, individualized guidance on career design and professional development relevant to personal, academic, and professional goals.
  3. The Center facilitates essential, accessible, and meaningful experiential education in the form of off-campus and on-campus internships that are mutually beneficial to Drew students and the Drew community.
  4. The Center acts as relationship brokers among members of the community, linking businesses, nonprofits, and the University to form mutually beneficial connections that contribute to the world’s good.
  5. The Center provides actionable and transparent information that aids the work of the University as a whole, including information on the career development progress of currently-enrolled students and graduate outcomes.