Semester on Contemporary Art

This program is offered every fall semester, and students have the option of a 4- or 8-credit course. Classes begin in late August and end in mid-December. This program is a mandatory course for Drew art and art history students.

Applications are due by March 10.

nycTREC Information Session: Semester on Contemporary Art (Fall)

Date: Monday, February 12th
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: Via Zoom (Link Below)

The cost of this program is included in your semester tuition, and is comprehensive of round-trip transportation to New York City from Madison, and program-related events and activities.

All of your Drew University financial assistance, whether merit or need-based, may be applied to all Drew-sponsored semester programs.

Program Course


ARTH 385 - New York Semester on Contemporary Art

ARTH 385 – New York Semester on Contemporary Art

4-8 Credits

The New York Semester on Contemporary Art offers students the unique and exciting opportunity to learn about the ongoing history of art since 1945 through the combination of reading, class presentation and discussion, and visits to artists’ studios, museum and gallery exhibitions and public art projects. By pursuing each of these paths of discovery students learn about the major movements associated with the postwar period (Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Feminist Art, and others) as well as overarching themes of expression (identity, for example), changing processes and modes of making, interpretive methodologies, expanding definitions of art, relationships between art theory and practice, and the roles of art institutions and cultural workers (critics, curators, historians) in mediating the experience of contemporary art.

Permission of instructor required. Signature of instructor required for registration. 

Prerequisite course: ARTH 306

Offered every Fall semester

CLA-Writing Intensive, CLA-Off Campus Experience