What is the First Destination Survey?

The First Destination Survey, or FDS, is a national survey organized by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Implemented by colleges and universities across the country, the goal of the survey is to collect information related to the post-graduation outcomes of recent graduates within six months of graduation. Students take the survey through Handshake.

Why does Drew participate in the FDS?

The First Destination Survey data is used to support Drew graduates and ensure a positive outcome after students’ time in the Forest, no matter their background or experience. For students who have secured a positive post-graduation outcome, the Survey provides us a means to highlight and celebrate that success to the Drew community and those interested in Drew. For students who are still searching for what’s next, the Survey serves as a powerful tool for advisement and further support. No matter what a student’s situation, the data gathered by the First Destination Survey empowers us all to be advocates for students’ success.

What is NACE’s role in the FDS?

NACE provides  minimum standards and best practices  for colleges and universities to use in their implementation of the survey. NACE also provides a  centralized clearinghouse for national trends and other data  informed by survey participation.

What is Drew’s role in the FDS?

Drew is responsible for administering the Survey to its students. This includes promotion of the survey and ensuring a high knowledge rate (minimum of 65%), data collection, initial data analysis, and reporting for the national data collection effort.

How does Drew encourage students to complete the Survey?

The Center for Career Development encourages students to complete the Survey through senior appointments held throughout students’ time at Drew, automated email outreach starting one month prior to graduation, and helpful outreach from our campus partners in the faculty and staff. Except for internal Drew colleagues, your information will only be shared anonymously in any external reporting.

What if a student hasn’t gotten a job or into graduate school yet?

That’s fine! Even if students haven’t yet gotten a job or been accepted to graduate school, they should still complete the survey. The Center for Career Development works with students still searching for opportunities after graduation and beyond to ensure their success. Please reach out to career@drew.edu to schedule a time to speak with a career counselor.