Sustainability at Drew

Sustainability is a core value at Drew University. 

The impact of climate change demands leadership and commitment to sustainability from us all. The Center for Civic Engagement supports sustainability efforts in education, research, and student activities at Drew by collaborating with students, community partners, and faculty.  Please join us to strengthen and expand green campus initiatives and environmental sustainability at Drew. 

Follow the links on this page to connect with others on campus and in the local community who value environmental justice and recognize our shared responsibilities in an interconnected world.

How to Get Involved?

DEAL (Drew Environmental Action League)

The mission of the Drew Environmental Action League is to increase campus awareness of environmental issues. The group’s members work to promote activism and positive change towards a more sustainable world. The group hosts the annual reforestation of the campus called Fern Fest and provides environmental volunteer opportunities for Drew students.

Please see the DEAL path page or the instagram (@DrewUDEAL) for updates on meeting times.

Contact: deal@drew.edu


TERRA includes students in the Theological School and in the Graduate Division of Religion. TERRA’s goals are to:

  1. Raise awareness of ecological issues on campus as well as in our communities and our world
  2. Foster active participation of students in ecological movements and activities
  3. Engage religious traditions in ecological values and activities, and to celebrate those religious groups that are already actively engaged in environmental activism.

Reach out through the TERRA Facebook Group

Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Drew University offers nationally recognized, cross-disciplinary programs of study in the environmental sciences and in environmental studies and sustainability. Our curriculum integrates the sciences with the social sciences, humanities, and the arts, and exemplifies Drew University’s academic and community identity.

Please see more information: Environmental Studies and Sustainability