Monday February 13th at 7pm for DrewTeach: Using Artifactual Literacy/Objects to Approach Math
The workshop will provide teachers with an opportunity to explore math through the idea of artifactual literacy and discuss the potential and importance of using artifacts/objects to create a deeper connection with students’ cultures and identities as mathematicians.
It is free to Drew Fac/Staff, Registration Link

Thursday March 2nd at 1pm: Best Practices in Course Design
There are many ways to design your course, regardless of modality. Nowadays, there seems to be a blend between using both a digital space along with a classroom space. In this workshop, we will brainstorm different considerations, effective teaching strategies (pedagogy/andragogy), and best practices to leverage a learning environment that works best for you and your students.
Zoom link

Monday, March 13 at 7pm for DrewTeach: Collaboration and Community Using Google Tools
In this workshop we will collaborate using a variety of interactive Google Tools, redesign or create an assignment incorporating a tool to make it more interactive, share our creations, and explore others’. It is free to Drew Fac/Staff, Registration Link

Tuesday March 14 at 12pm: Digital Exhibit Building with Omeka
Omeka is an open-source exhibition platform for creating digital exhibitions. It enables you to assemble media from a variety of sources to contextualize and curate items online in support of research and teaching. This workshop will be an introduction to the basics of creating collections, cataloguing items, and designing exhibits. Registration Link

Friday, March 17th from 10:30 to 11:30am: Teaching with AI: EC 145

Friday, March 31 from 2 to 3 pm: Supporting Neurodivergent Students: https://drew.zoom.us/j/94546853353

Friday, April 7 from 10:30 to 11:30 am: Teaching with AI: The Writing Center as a Resource: Pilling Room, Rose Memorial Library

Fall 2022 Workshops

HypothesisUsing multimedia & tags in annotations (Monday, 9/12 12pm): Whether you’re having students reply to your syllabus with funny GIFs or asking them to create videos in response to a current-events article, Hypothesis provides a text editor that allows you to include links, images, text, and videos in your and your students’ annotations. Tags can also be added to annotations as a way to categorize and organize annotations. This workshop will walk you through how to add multimedia and tags in annotations, and offer ideas for using these features to increase engagement in your course readings.

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Introduction to Zotero: (Thursday, 9/22 12:30pm). Learn how Zotero can make your academic life easier. It’s never too early to begin (or too late to start!). With a little bit of organization, managing sources can be easy and fun. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to install Zotero and create a Zotero account, save and organize your sources, quickly generate a bibliography in your preferred citation style. Registration information can be found here. Questions? Please contact Danielle Reay, dreay@drew.edu

Hypothesis: Creative ways to use social annotation in your courses (Monday, 10/10 12pm): In this workshop, our team will lead participants in a discussion about various discussion protocols and active learning strategies that can help make social annotation more engaging and fun. Participants will come away from this session with a variety of ways to creatively use social annotation in their courses.

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Professional Websites for Academics (Thursday, 10/20 12pm): Many academics maintain a web presence through a personal or professional website. Learn how to set up or refresh your professional website with Domains of One’s Own. We’ll go over website design and organization, and best practices for getting your teaching, research, and scholarship out there. *This session will be WordPress-based but we will be offering subsequent sessions on using static site generators and Github pages. Questions? Please contact Danielle Reay, dreay@drew.edu

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Zoom in on Zoom (Monday, 10/24 1-2pm): This is a good time for a Zoom refresher workshop. Maybe you’ve used it as a participant but not as a host. Are you scheduling for someone else now or perhaps you want to see all the latest features and additions to the Zoom platform. We’ll go through the best way to access Zoom, how to schedule a meeting and what features are available for us as hosts and participants.

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Cite while you write with Zotero (Thursday, 11/3, 12:30-1pm): Zotero is a free software application for citation management. Learn about the more advanced features and benefits available in this free citation manager. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to: add citations to a paper in progress in your preferred citation style, create a bibliography or “works cited” list in your preferred citation style, change citation styles and reformat a document in Zotero. Registration information can be found here. Questions? Please contact Danielle Reay, dreay@drew.edu