Vendors currently providing or coordinating to provide goods and/or services to the University and vendors interested in providing goods and/or services to the University in the future are required to be registered with Drew University. In order to become a registered vendor with Drew University, please click on the Vendor Registration Form.

Vendors currently providing goods and/or services or coordinating with a Drew University department to begin providing goods and/or services should answer “Yes” to the question in the vendor registration form. Upon answering “Yes” the vendor will be required to include the department name and contact person who the vendor is working with.

Vendors will receive a confirmation email from procure@drew.edu upon successful submission and approval of a Vendor Registration Form. Forms are approved between 1-5 business days. This email will include the vendor’s Banner Registration ID, which is an automated ID generated for all successful applicants.

Please note, the Office of Procurement Services maintains an internal database of all vendors and submitting the Vendor Registration Form. We are responsible for receiving the appropriate documentation from the requestor (department) to establish a new vendor, changing vendor’s information and for ensuring that each vendor has only one master vendor file. The submission of a vendor registration form and subsequent vendor ID approval does not deem any financial obligations whatsoever on Drew University.

A W-9/W-8BEN is required of all vendors, contractors, independent contractors, etc. that provide any goods or services to the University.  Exceptions are limited to the following:

  • Reimbursement of travel or other expenses
  • Credit card purchases
  • Refunds to students or other individuals

Registered vendors that need to update their information are required to submit all changes to procure@drew.edu per the following guidelines:

To Change Address:

Individuals – submit an updated, signed W-9 

US Companies – submit an invoice with new address or an updated, signed W-9

Foreign Company – submit an updated, signed W-8BENe

Non Resident Individual – submit an updated, signed W-8BEN 

To Change Employer Identification Number or Tax Identification Number:

A new vendor application must be submitted any time that a vendor that is already registered has a change in Employer Identification Number or Tax Identification Number. Additionally, the vendor must send an email outlining the vendor name and identification number that will no longer be in use to ensure no additional transactions are processed with that vendor.