Health Care Resources for LGBT Students
College Health
  • Go Ask Alice – Maintained by Columbia University, this award winning, and popular college health site (with over 2.5 million visitors per month from all over the world) provides expert answers to five of the more than 800 health questions readers submit about sex, relationships and health topics. The Dear Abby of sexual health information. Highly recommended. All time favorite site of college students.
  • NeedyMeds.com – NeedyMeds is the place to learn about patient assistance programs and other programs designed to help those who can’t afford their medicines. NeedyMeds is not a program. It’s an information source.
  • Vaccine Information Statements – Information on required vaccinations in YOUR language.
  • CDC Travel Page – This website offers travelers information on their destination country, health and vaccine recommendations for travel, and other useful information.
Sexual Health
General Health
Alcohol and Substance Use Education
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Includes everything you need to know about this famous 12-step recovery program, including a self-evaluation to help you determine whether it is right for you. Site is available in English, Spanish and French.
  • Narcotics Anonymous –Similar to the AA 12-step recovery process, for those needing support with addictions.
  • Web of Addictions – A resource for teachers, students and others who needed factual. information about abused drugs. Created to counter the pro-drug message on many Internet sites.
  • College Drinking: Changing the CultureCreated by the National Institute on alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
  • Alcohol screening and health informationIs the way or amount I drink harming  my health?
  • Commonly Abused Drugs Charts – Emerging trends on the most commonly abused drugs.
  • NJ Quits — Free telephone counseling service for smokers who are ready to quit.
Spring Break Health Tips

If you are going to a party or heading out to a club:

  • Designate a driver
  • Make sure you have a buddy
  • Drink in moderation
  • Never leave a drink unattended
  • Never drink from a previously opened container
  • Take your cell phone and program emergency phone numbers in it

If you choose to be sexually active:

  • Please remember to use proper protection, this means using a condom during every sexual encounter
  • DO NOT rely on the other person to remember it
  • Be extra cautious when combining alcohol & sexual activity

Check below for information about emergency contraception, date rape and “club” drugs, roofies, and victim services. (See Sexual Health or Alcohol & Other Drugs)

Remember, the best Spring Break is one you can come home and talk about. Have fun, be safe.

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