Social Impact (Formerly Social Entrepreneurship)

This 8-credit program is offered every spring semester. Classes begin mid-January and end in early May. Students will travel to New York City for classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Applications are due by October 10. 

An interview with the program director will be scheduled for finalists as part of the application process.

The cost of this program is included in your semester tuition and includes round-trip transportation to New York City from Madison and program-related events and activities.

All of your Drew University financial assistance, whether merit or need-based, may be applied to all Drew-sponsored semester programs.

Featured Courses

ECON/PSCI 287: Applied Analysis of Social Impact

Applied Analysis of Social Impact

4 Credits

This course compliments ECON/PSCI 387, with a focus on hands-on approaches to social entrepreneurship, as well as on obtaining the skills needed to successfully work for social change. The course will consist of a series of field trips, skills workshops, and a group project that involves working with a social change organization on a current challenge they are facing.

Permission of instructor required. Signature of instructor required for registration. 

Co-requisite course: ECON 387

Equivalent to: BST 387 & PSCI 387

Offered every Spring semester

CLA-Civic Engagement, CLA-Off Campus Experience

ECON/PSCI 387: Social Impact: Global Trends

ECON/PSCI 387: Social Impact: Global Trends

4 credits

Using an interdisciplinary lens, this course explores how size, location, structure, mission, and globalization have shaped decision making processes within social change organizations. The focus will be on nonprofits, cooperatives, and firms with a commitment to achieving corporate social responsibility. A key question we will explore is why social entrepreneurship is increasingly associated with social change organizations. This question will be addressed through an exploration of both theoretical explanations and empirical examples of the economic, social, and political challenges facing social change organizations. Case studies will focus on both US and international contexts.

Signature of instructor required for registration. 

Co-requisite course: ECON 287

Offered every Spring semester

CLA-Breadth/Social Science, CLA-Breadth/International, CLA-Off Campus