All purchases for the rendering of a good or service regardless of amount should have a purchase order which can be requested from the Purchasing Department prior to the purchase of goods (credit card purchases excepted). These are requested via a requisition form that must be filled out and approved by an authorized person on the account that is being charged for the purchase. ALL GOODS AND SERVICES PURCHASED ON BEHALF OF DREW UNIVERSITY MUST BE DELIVERED TO A DREW UNIVERSITY ADDRESS. NO MATERIALS MAY BE SENT OR DELIVERED TO AN EMPLOYEE’S HOME ADDRESS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

A purchase requisition is a request for the purchase of goods and services and MUST be submitted prior to any commitment being made to a vendor to render such goods and services. Only upon fully approval of the purchase requisition and issuance of a purchase order is the purchase authorized.

The purchase requisition can be submitted through Banner Self Service. For instructions on submitting a purchase requisition through Banner, please refer to instructions. A fully processed and signed purchase order will be issued by Procurement Services to the department and vendor and must be completed prior to any commitment to vendors for the delivery or rendering of any good/service.


All employees shall be bound by the following ethics principles in the procurement of goods and services: No employee shall accept any gift, favor, service or other thing of value related in any way to the University official’s duties. Employees or immediate relatives of employees are not eligible to be suppliers of goods or services to the University. No employee should have any interest, financial or otherwise, direct or indirect, or engage in any business or transaction or professional activity, which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of his/her duties; No employee should act in his/her official capacity in any matter wherein he/she has a direct or indirect personal financial interest that might reasonably be expected to impair his/her objectivity or independence of judgment; No employee should knowingly act in any way that might reasonably be expected to create an impression or suspicion among the public having knowledge of his/her acts that he/she may be engaged in conduct violative of his trust as an employee; No employee should use or attempt to use his/her official position to secure unwarranted privileges or advantage for him/herself or others; No employee shall willfully disclose to any person, whether or not for pecuniary gain, any information not generally available to members of the public which he/she receives or acquires in the course of and by reason of his/her official duties. No employee shall use for the purpose of pecuniary gain, whether directly or indirectly, any information not generally available to members of the public which he/she receives or acquires in the course of and by reason of his/her official duties.


The authority to enter into a purchase agreement is vested in the Purchasing Department. No individual may obligate the University to a procurement indebtedness, for any goods or services, without prior approval from Purchasing. This authority may be delegated through the use of contracts or purchase orders.

Facilities/Construction – All purchasing of goods and services for maintenance of buildings or grounds must be approved and coordinated by the Facilities department. Any purchase of equipment, supplies, services, etc. requiring the support of Facilities must be coordinated with the Facilities department prior to the purchase being made and prior to delivery.

Information Technology – The purchase of all information technology, including but not limited to software and hardware, must be approved by University Technology.

Contracted Vendors – The University has entered into a number of contracts available to all campus departments. Procurement Services will not issue a purchase order for another supplier unless a detailed written explanation is submitted with the requisition.

  • Catering – Aramark
  • Copying/Duplicating – Millennium Group
  • Office Supplies – Staples
  • Multifunction Printers – Sharp (toner cartridges)
  • Car rental – Enterprise
  • Furniture – Dancker Sellow & Douglas and Staples