All student organizations are encouraged to fund raise. Fund raising includes, but is not limited to, on and off campus solicitations, letter writing campaigns, fund raising events and sales.

Clubs on campus are not considered campus departments, they do not fall under Drew’s tax exempt status and thus donations to the clubs are not tax deductible and are not considered gifts to Drew.


  1. All fundraisers must be approved by the Office of Student Engagement. Any student organization found fund raising without prior approval from the Office of Student Engagement is subject to sanctions. Please review the Fundraising General Guidelines.
  2. If instructed by Student Engagement, club leaders may need to meet with other University departments, such as University Advancement
  3. Deposit funds by bringing cash or checks to the Student Engagement Office in the Ehinger Center.
  4. The use of third party fundraising/crowdsourcing sites such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe are not permitted.

All donations, including but not limited to monetary, food, and goods, should be documented by the club. Please track the store name, contact person and dollar amount of items donated for Student Engagement. 

It is important to know and share that donors to clubs will not receive recognition for a tax deductible gift to Drew University as clubs and organizations are not considered university departments.  

Student Engagement
Student Club Donation
36 Madison Ave
Madison, NJ 07940

Please make sure the donor clearly lists the name of the student organization as the intended recipient of the donation.

Words of Wisdom: Clubs are encouraged to write and send thank you for donations!