About LiveSafe

Beyond usage for emergency notifications, LiveSafe is a mobile application that connects users directly with Campus Security personnel and provides personal security and well-being tools. The LiveSafe app is available for free in both the Android and Apple App stores for anyone that chooses to download it. When downloading, select Drew University.

Accessing LiveSafe

LiveSafe is available as a downloadable app in both Google and Apple’s app stores. After creating an account, you can select Drew University as your main location. The app itself is free, and users are requested to create an account when they sign in. This account is independent of other Drew University accounts, and the password you created may be different from the one you use to access other areas of Drew’s website.

If you are unable to download the app because you do not have a smartphone, messages are also sent via SMS and email. Please ensure that your contact information is up to date within Treehouse.

Find the “Personal Information” section of the “Students” or “Employees” tab, as appropriate.

Select “Update Addresses and Phones.”

Select the “Current” link in the “US Permanent Address” section.

Under the “Phone Type” section, ensure that you have added either “cell phone” or “emergency cell phone”, and that the number is accurate.

You can find detailed instructions here.

Any emergency alert will also be posted to the website in line with our emergency protocols.

If you do not have access to your cell phone, LiveSafe also provides the ability to submit tips, which are reports of concerns sent directly to Campus Security, via a web browser. LiveSafe also provides the ability to submit tips, which are reports of concerns sent directly to Campus Security, via a web browser. To do this, navigate to https://tips.livesafemobile.com, and you can create an account or report a tip using the online system.

LiveSafe Services

LiveSafe is a dynamic, personal safety and well-being application that is updated regularly to expand its offerings and ensure new areas of need are addressed. Currently, several key services are highlighted for Drew community members.

Emergency alerts. All members of the community, with updated information, may receive broadcast alerts via email and text message, sent through the LiveSafe app. Users of the app will also receive push notifications.

Emergency reporting. The app gives users access to 911 and Campus Security at the touch of a button. In addition, it adds the emergency option of texting Campus Security in situations where calling may not be possible.

General reporting or tips. Tips are issues or concerns that individuals would like to bring to the attention of Campus Security and the University. Using the LiveSafe app, individuals can share this information quickly and either get assistance or be assured that critical information is shared with an authority who can address it.

Safety walks. Safety walks allow LiveSafe users to share their destinations and estimated arrival times with friends or Campus Security. Those invited can then monitor the walk and reach out to the walker if something doesn’t seem right. This feature allows for the community to share in the responsibility of making sure we each get to our destinations safely.

Safety map. LiveSafe app users can access a map that has key campus locations, as well as any pertinent alerts. This allows individuals to recognize areas that may be avoided or to identify where they need to go and how to get there.

Resources. App users can also access a list of resources that will continually be reevaluated and updated for their own safety and well-being. This includes contact information for health and counseling services as well as resources related to emergency preparedness.