Learning Remotely

Below you will find information about various things you might need to do while learning from off-campus. It is a work in progress and will be updated as quickly and often as possible.

Questions can always be directed via email (helpdesk@drew.edu) or by calling the Helpdesk at 973-408-4357 (HELP). Current hours are listed to the left.

The Success for Remote Learning page is another very useful resource for Drew students.

Video Calls (Zoom)

Many Drew classes will be meeting during class time using the program Zoom. Your professors will share with you the links to their Zoom rooms and the times when you will be meeting.

Wondering if there is a problem others are seeing with Zoom that might explain something you see? Check the Zoom status page for information from their team, and feel free to create a ticket by emailing helpdesk@drew.edu.

Moodle and Online Courses

Use Moodle, Drew’s Learning Management System, to view course materials and class announcements, participate in forums or take quizzes, and see grades (if your professor is sharing them).

Learn more at Introduction to Moodle for Students.

Wondering if there is a problem others are seeing with Moodle that might explain something you see? Check the MoodleUS status feed for information from their team, and feel free to create a ticket by emailing helpdesk@drew.edu.

Creating, Collaborating on and Submitting Your Work

You will certainly be working with text documents, potentially spreadsheets, and possibly even slide presentations during the course of your work. Drew recommends the use of either the Office suite of products (free to install for Drew students) or the Google suite (also free to the Drew community).

For both real-time and asynchronous collaborative editing, Google Drive is the easiest solution.

At some point, you will have to share work you are creating for class. You should check with each professor for information about how they want work shared or submitted, but here are some general reference pointers.

Library Resources

The Library has long offered remote resources, but now is a great time to learn more about these tools and materials.


Digication is an ePortfolio tool for students to share their work online.

For Digication support, please fill out this very short form:

Digication Support Request
Please use this space to describe the problem or question.

Student Services and Resources

Here is a list of other services and resources on campus that you may find helpful if you find yourself learning remotely.

Using Technology

Minimum requirements for computers that will handle online learning can be found at our Drew Laptops page.

You may have noticed slower or choppier internet connections over recent months. With more people staying home but trying to connect to the outside world for school, work, socializing and entertainment, demand has increased. We are collecting suggestions at this page:

Even with these tips, there may be times when you are not able to connect. To the best of your ability, try to avoid procrastinating, so that you have extra time to submit assignments in case you need it. And check in with your professors to find out when and how you should reach out to them if you do experience connection problems.

More Options

We also found this list of ways to stay focused during virtual classes. Perhaps you will find something helpful there!

If you have questions or suggestions, please email helpdesk@drew.edu. Include the link to this page please!