James A. McClintock Center for Counseling and Psychological Services


James A. McClintock Center for Counseling and Psychological Services


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Welcome to the McClintock Center for Counseling and Psychological Services! We are committed to the well-being and success of the Drew community and support students in meeting their academic and personal developmental goals, taking into consideration the long, natural breaks built into the academic calendar. Therefore, we focus on wellness at multiple levels, most especially, community, interpersonal, and psychological wellness.  

After an intake meeting, and according to clinical best practices, we recommend services from the following options: 

  • Crisis Intervention. Do you feel as though you’re in crisis? If so, please contact the counseling center at 973-408-3398 or email counseling@drew.edu during business hours.  After business hours, call Campus Security 973-408-3379 (They will contact the appropriate Residence Life Staff to respond)
  • Group Therapy: In thinking about your own mental health and satisfaction with your relationships, you might be thinking of certain themes or circumstances that you would like to work through. We can easily say that there likely are others in the community who are looking to address the same kinds of themes you are. As a result, therapy groups are the main offering in our menu of services.
  • Outreach Programs and Multi-Session Workshops:   For example, we offer workshops on topics such as self-care or stress reduction. We may also address multiple kinds of wellness at once, for example, using mindfulness techniques, developing relationship skills, or addressing procrastination. 
  • Consultations: Sometimes you may just want to consult with a counselor for a session or two about a concern you have (e.g., how to help a friend, roommate issues, etc.). We have you covered there, too, with our brief consultations. 
  • Referrals: We can help you to connect with referrals in the community for longer term therapy or a higher level of care. The Counseling Center has existing relationships with many off campus practitioners and we are happy to find someone that fits your needs.
  • Solution-Focused Brief Individual Therapy: If it is clinically indicated, this service is based on several factors that we are happy to discuss with you during your intake. Short-term counseling is generally fewer than 12 sessions.

Help page for faculty and staff.

 For new or returning clients,  email counseling@drew.edu or call 973-408-3398 to set up a screening appointment.


If You Are In Crisis on Campus

A mental health emergency is an emotional or behavioral crisis that warrants same-day or immediate attention by a mental health professional. This may include, but is not limited to, significant changes in behavior that are not characteristic of a person, the presence of disruptive symptoms that interfere with the responsibilities of daily living, direct or indirect expressions or the intent to harm self or others, or the experience of a trauma or assault.

If a student is in a life threatening situation and is on campus, call Campus Security (973) 408-3379 and request emergency assistance.

If a student you know is experiencing a mental health emergency or crisis:

During business hours (M-F 9-5), CAPS staff is available to assist students who are in crisis, either in-person or over zoom. To request an appointment for yourself or someone else to be seen for a same day crisis appointment, please call the main number 973-408-3398 or email counseling@drew.edu

After business hours: call Campus Security 973-408-3379 and they will contact the appropriate Residence Life staff member to respond.

If you have Drew's Student Health Insurance

You can call CareConnect and talk to a licensed mental health clinician any time, day or night, at 1-888-857-5462.

If you are having a psychiatric emergency and are off campus

• In Morris County, you can call Morristown Medical Center Crisis Intervention (973-540-0100)
• Call 911 or your local hospital's emergency room

Other crisis numbers include:

• National Text Helpline: Text "hi" to 741741
• National Suicide Lifeline 988
• Morristown Medical Center Crisis Intervention (973-540-0100)
• Morris Cares Sexual Assault Hotline (973-829-0587)
• Caring Contact : 908-232-2880 (7:00 am - 11:00 pm)
• National Transgender Support Line: (877) 565-8860, Eastern time: 11 a.m. to 5 a.m.