Drew Grads Land Job and Promotion at Publisher

Eve Sanoussi C’14 networks with Chloe Weiss C’18.

December 2018 – Renowned New York publisher W.W. Norton & Co. is promoting Drew University graduates.

Eve Sanoussi C’14 was promoted to associate photo editor in the trade department, responsible for researching and securing images for book covers. Previously, she was an assistant editor in Norton’s college division, specializing in psychology.

At the same time, Chloe Weiss C’18 rose to editorial assistant in the college division where Sanoussi previously worked—two months after she joined Norton as a paid intern. And for that, Weiss owes some thanks to Sanoussi.

Why? Because when Sanoussi got promoted, she alerted Weiss to the job opening. So, a bit of Drew networking created an opportunity that Weiss ultimately seized.

Networking—as well as some mentorship—also explains how two alumni separated by four class years first met.

The two were introduced early this year by Assistant Professor Courtney Zoffness, a prize-winning writer who directs Drew’s creative writing program. Zoffness thought Sanoussi could share her experiences in publishing with Weiss, who was preparing to graduate. After all, both were outstanding students and strong writers.

For Zoffness, forging such connections is “one of the most satisfying parts of my job.”

As undergraduates, Sanoussi and Weiss developed skills that help them in the working world.

Sanoussi, for example, learned how to multitask while balancing her studies with a part-time job at the Drew Library. Similarly, at Norton, “it’s essential to be able to manage many different types of assignments and try to excel at all of them,” she said.

Weiss, for her part, became a fine researcher—through work with two psychology professors and the New York City Semester on Communications and Media. The semester provided weekly contact with publishers, journalists and other professionals in New York City. Also, she had to develop questions to ask the pros, which turned out to be solid training for job interviews.

“Aside from knowing how to ask good questions, I would say that the written and oral communication skills I picked up at Drew very directly translated to my job offers,” Weiss said. “I grew as a writer because of the incredible professors I had.”

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