A Message from the President

Who better to guide Drew students to do great things than Drew alumni?

In fall 2019, we will roll out Launch, our new undergraduate experience that syncs career development with rigorous academics and powerful community. The product of intensive research and a hardworking committee, Launch ensures that all students who graduate from Drew are ready to begin their careers, pursue their passions, and add to the world’s good.

Launch guarantees two résumé-ready experiences such as hands-on research, internships, City Semesters, and more—plenty of opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials. A mentorship team guides students throughout their four years at Drew. Our goal is to ensure that each student graduates ready to launch.

Our next issue will be entirely dedicated to Launch. This issue focuses on STEM programs at Drew, which provide a model for major elements of Launch. In these programs, our undergraduates perform real-world research, form close mentoring relationships with faculty members and experts, and land great jobs or are accepted to prestigious graduate programs. In these pages, you’ll find proof of how well this model works thanks to profiles of alums with fulfilling careers across the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

In addition to Launch, a raft of other new academic programs signifies that Drew is truly riding high. At the College of Liberal Arts—and with a nod to this issue’s theme—we introduced the degree designation Bachelor of Science across the STEM majors. Students can now choose the degree program that tracks their goals. Additionally, we have new majors in environmental science and public health. Both are sure to be in high demand, judging from applicant interest and the growing career opportunities in these disciplines. And there’s more to come.

This expansion of academic opportunity—along with the interest created by our 20 percent tuition reduction—has driven another year of increased enrollment. Our fall 2018 incoming undergraduate students number 523—first-year students and transfers combined—which is the largest number in seven years.

The Theological School welcomed its largest entering class in a decade: more than 120 students. The school also unveiled an entirely new curriculum to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s faith leaders: year-round, flexible-format degree programs that focus on clear vocational pathways and are rooted in community-based experiential learning. Developing these innovative curricula demanded hard work, creativity, and a communal vision—which our theological community displays in abundance.

In the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, we welcomed the first cohorts of students to two new programs. The Master in Finance capitalizes on the success of our Wall Street Semester, while the Master of Education offers educators the opportunity to deepen their understanding of theory and pedagogy in seven areas of specialization.

These and other curricular innovations ensure that Drew students are well positioned to compete in today’s turbo-charged marketplace. Another advantage they have is you—who better to guide Drew students to do great things than Drew alumni?

You are an unparalleled source of expertise and inspiration for our students. One opportunity for you to guide a Drew student is to join Drew Connect, our growing platform designed to link our students with potential alumni mentors. Please take a look and consider sharing your knowledge and experience.

Everyone on campus is excited not only about Launch and the other initiatives mentioned here but also about what’s to come. As always, your support is crucial.

From The Forest, thank you for everything you do for Drew!MaryAnn Baenninger

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