Drew University To Add New Majors in Marketing and Accounting

New majors bolster Drew’s distinctive business program

October 2019 – Drew University will add marketing and accounting majors to its undergraduate program offerings starting in the fall of the 2020-21 academic year.

This expansion follows a surge in student interest and demand in Drew’s business major, the largest on campus.

The new majors will join a robust set of economics and business offerings that features real-world learning experiences and networking opportunities through New York Semesters on Wall StreetSocial Entrepreneurship and Communications & Media and on-campus opportunities like Shark Tank presentations, the Drew Economics and Business Society and The Fund. An additional New York Semester on marketing will be added with the introduction of the new majors.

“We have built a business program that is distinctive and has true value to students,” said Professor and Executive Director of Business Programs Marc Tomljanovich.

“And combined with the kinds of jobs and businesses in the local New Jersey, New York City areas, we can tap into alums and local businesses, governments and non-profit organizations as resources to further bolster this program.”

Both of the new majors will feature interdisciplinary curricula and will include at least two guaranteed immersive experiences as part of Drew’s new Launch undergraduate learning program.

“Drew is so good operating at the intersection of theory and practice, and that’s what we want to bring to these two new majors,” said Tomljanovich.

The two curricula will be designed to be future-facing and résumé-building.

The accounting major, specifically, will include data analytics and liberal arts perspectives while also setting interested students on the path towards the CPA exam.

“Accounting is the language of business,” said Tomljanovich. “But instead of students just knowing exactly what everybody at other schools know, our accounting majors will use a multidisciplinary approach to assess the broader picture of what it takes to build a strong business.”

The marketing curriculum will be shaped by Drew faculty across the university, as well as local marketing professionals and alums, to develop the real-world perspectives, transferable skills and meaningful connections needed for a successful marketing professional.

“Before adding these two majors, students could be general business majors without a specialty,” said Tomljanovich. “But now students can discover what their interests are within business and do a deeper dive into those fields.”

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