Drew University Professor Joins Kamala Harris Project

Sangay Mishra will serve on the project’s advisory board

March 2021 – Drew University Assistant Professor of Political Science Sangay Mishra has joined the advisory board of the Kamala Harris Project, a nonpartisan, nonprofit group of scholars following Vice President Harris’ term in office.

“I am excited to be a part of a group of scholars who have done tremendous work in the field of race, gender, and politics, and this project is taking off at a time when issues of race and gender are at the center of politics in the U.S.,” said Mishra.

Scholars from varying disciplines, including those focused on the political representation of women, Black women, and South Asians, are involved in the project, coordinated by the USC Dornsife Center for Leadership by Women of Color.

“My own work on South Asians in the U.S. and their political mobilization and participation brought me to this project,” said Mishra, who published a book on the subject in 2016. “I am also very excited about working with my mentors at USC, Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro and Jane Junn.”

“I am particularly interested in following how the South Asian and Asian American identity of Vice President Harris is going to shape the conversations in these communities and the extent to which her presence is going to create connections and conversations between Black and South Asian and Asian American communities,” he said of his involvement in the project.

Mishra, who will be one of eight project advisory board members (listed below), covered Vice President Harris ahead of October 2020’s Vice Presidential Debate in a piece for The Washington Post and discussed her role in the administration’s stance on U.S.-India relations in an interview with TIME.

To mark Harris’ first 100 days in office, the project plans to host an academic symposium this May. The project also plans to produce a series of publications over the next several years analyzing Harris’ policy priorities and speeches, and trends in public opinion during her term.

Serving with Mishra on the advisory board are Nadia Brown (Georgetown University), Pearl K. Dowe (Emory University), Duchess Harris (Macalester College), Sara Sadhwani (Pomona College), Brooklyne Gipson (University of Illinois), Wendy Smooth (Ohio State University), and Angela Lewis Maddox (University of Alabama, Birmingham). The project’s conveners are USC professors Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro, Jane Junn, Oneka LaBennett, and Francille Wilson.

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