Drew Theological School Students Sign 150-Year-Old Matriculation Book

“The performative entrance to this community”

September 2022 – The matriculation ceremony at Drew Theological School is a time to celebrate new beginnings through the tradition of signing the 150-year-old matriculation book.

The community celebrated with a service filled with song, readings, and inspiring remarks by Dean Edwin David Aponte, University Provost Jessica Lakin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Robert Seesengood, and Associate Dean for Vocation and Formation Tanya Linn Bennett. 

Associate Professor of Comparative Theology Hyo-Dong Lee delivered the matriculation address, “Republic and the City of God: A Familial and Ecclesial Reflection.”

Aponte welcomed the incoming class, representing 10 states, 16 countries, and four continents. “Matriculation at Drew Theological School is a time to celebrate new beginnings,” he said. “We pause to consider the start of this path of learning together.”

Students were reminded of the strong community support they will encounter at the school. “Your success will be our success,” said Lakin. “We are fortunate that your paths have brought you to Drew to join our community and we will be able to benefit from your wisdom and experiences.”

Seesengood compared the matriculation book to the Book of Life. “This book has a moment, like the Book of Life, when the artifact has become something more than an archive. It has become the performative entrance to this community.”

“Today is your inscription in the book,” said Seesengood as he invited students to sign the matriculation book. “My name is in this book. And it is with that, through the office of associate dean, but by the right of my name in the book, I invite you to come and add your own.” View his remarks here.


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