Drew University Class of 2023 Outcomes: Nevaeh Warren

Nevaeh Warren C’23 is joining Morgan Stanley as a human resources analyst

May 2023 – The members of the Drew University College of Liberal Arts Class of 2023 are set to graduate and start their careers and continue their educations in an array of disciplines, fields, and subjects.

We’ve talked with many C’23 students to see where they’re headed.

Nevaeh Warren C’23 | Morgan Stanley Human Resources Analyst

Major: Sociology

Minors: Business, Pan-African Studies

How did your Drew experiences and professors help you secure this position?

Drew helped me so much. During my interview with Morgan Stanley, I talked about my study abroad experience in London and how it completely changed my outlook on the world, and how much I grew as a person. I think that alone helped me stand out as a candidate.

In addition to this, my professors have always encouraged me to get outside of my comfort zone and have had confidence in me even when I felt like an impostor. From helping prepare me for interviews to connecting me with people to add to my network, I felt uplifted by the professors here. It was during my Sociology of Management class that I learned about human resources and from then on I knew that it was a career path I wanted to pursue. Once I knew this, I pursued an opportunity to work in Drew’s HR office which allowed me to improve the transferable skills I had while gaining new ones. Overall, my Drew experience shaped me into the person I am today and has shown me that I can do anything.

How do you look back on your decision to come to Drew

I’m really happy I chose Drew because I don’t think other schools would have allowed me to really get to know my professors and vice versa. From the beautiful campus to the small class sizes, I always felt like there was room for me to grow. I will truly miss it here!

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