The Role of Student Conduct and Community Standards

Drew University encourages responsible community conduct of all university students and their guests.  We strive to resolve allegations of misconduct under our student handbook, Daniel’s Dictionary, in a manner consistent with fairness and student development.  Our office acknowledges the importance of balancing the interests of a student’s academic, intellectual, and social development while maintaining a vibrant and responsible community, as well as protecting the integrity of the institution and its values. We expect our communities to be respectful, open-minded, and safe environments for our students to thrive and these additional community standards help us reach this end. Our processes foster ethical standards, critical thinking, and responsible decision-making.


The Dean of Students’ Office enforces University policy for all residential and commuter students including College of Liberal Arts, Graduate, and Theological School students.  Through the consistent application of the University’s Student Conduct Policy, the University aims to develop and support responsible student behavior by:

  • Providing guidance to students through the conduct process
  • Addressing student behavior inconsistent with community standards with critical inquiry and diplomacy
  • Engaging students in a process that is prompt, fair, and meaningful
  • Issuing sanctions that promote adherence to policies, protect the University community and encourage learning
  • Referring students to resources available to assist in managing the academic and social pressures of the college experience
  • Assisting students in moving forward to positive pursuits at the University through thoughtful evaluation of choices
  • Collaborating with key stakeholders invested in the success of students including other University staff members, faculty, and parents.

The University’s academic integrity policies are managed through each academic dean’s office.  Please refer to Daniel’s Dictionary to learn more about the policies at Drew University.