The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) serves as a resource to students with questions about academic policies.  The CAE also supports processes associated with a number of university policies as per the forms listed below.  Additionally, students are encouraged to access detailed information about policies for each of Drew’s three schools at the following links:  CLA catalogCSGS catalogTHEO catalog.

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CAE Policies

The following are policies and processes associated with the CAE, only.

Tutoring Policies

A document containing the CAE tutoring policies alongside frequently asked questions can be found here.

Writing Center Policies

A document containing the Writing Center’s policies alongside frequently asked questions can be found here.

Tutoring Request

The Tutor Request Form allows a student to request a tutoring appointment outside the normal availability listed on WCOnline. Fill out this form if

  • you need tutoring in class that is not currently available.
  • you live in a different time zone than Drew and are unable to meet at our normal availability.

After we receive your completed form, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to meet your need.

Nominate a Tutor

Faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate students throughout the semester to work as tutors and can nominate them by completing the Tutor Nomination Form.

Tutor, Academic Coach, Student Administrator Reference Form
  • Click here for the Peer Tutor, Writing and Language Specialist, and Academic Coach Faculty/Staff Reference Form
  • Click here for the Student Administrator Reference Form

University Policies/Processes

The CAE also supports processes associated with a number of university policies as per the forms listed below.

Student of Concern

Student of Concern Form: This form is to be utilized by students, faculty and staff, to inform university officials of your concerns regarding a student.


CLA Absence Documentation & Verification

In accordance with the University’s Absence Policy: Student Responsibilities and Rights, students bear the responsibility of providing appropriate documentation to substantiate legitimate, unplanned absences, such as illness or injury, a death in the family or NCAA-sanctioned post-season competitions. Students can expect reasonable accommodations for the equivalent of one week of legitimate unplanned absences, provided that they have

– notified the instructor prior to the class and as soon as they are aware of the unplanned absence. If extraordinary circumstances prevent a student from providing prior notification, they must notify the instructor within 24 hours of the unplanned absence;

– provided appropriate documentation AND

– consulted with the instructor to create a plan to make up course requirements.

Confirmation of documentation verification will be sent to student and instructors. Do not use this form if you are unable to provide documentation and instead discuss directly with your professor. When no documentation can be provided, accommodations may be granted at the instructor’s discretion and may not be mandated.

Retroactive accommodations for unplanned absences are not guaranteed.

Excess absence will impact grades, regardless of circumstances. If confirmed absence(s) have exceeded the maximum limited of one week of class, accommodations will be granted at the instructor’s discretion and may not be mandated.  Students who feel that the Absence policy has not been fairly implemented may appeal to the Academic Standing Committee acstanding@drew.edu.

Absence Documentation – Verification Form

CLA Petition to the Academic Standing Committee

The University Committee on Academic Standing is concerned with the academic performance of students, with power to act on individual requests and on standing and retention of individuals. The committee also makes recommendations to the faculty on policies for academic progress, retention, and graduation of students.

All requests for registration and/or add/drop after the published deadline are submitted to the committee for review and approval if appropriate. Faculty requests for changes of grade must also be submitted to the committee. Petitions are reviewed weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

Petition to the Academic Standing Committee Form

For Grade Forgiveness policy and instructions: Student Grade Forgiveness

CLA Final Exam Reschedule

The final exam schedule is published on the Registrar’s website at the beginning of each semester. Changes do occur, so be certain to check for updates prior to the start of the final exam period.

To avoid potential conflicts, students are expected to schedule travel plans AFTER the final exam period.

When extenuating circumstances occur, students may submit a Final Exam Reschedule request for review by the Associate Provost; note that students may not negotiate a make-up date directly with the course instructor. The following circumstances apply:

  1. Schedule conflicts, serious illness, or personal emergency (note that the student is required to present documentation to validate)
  2. Three finals are scheduled in one calendar day: one of the exams should be rescheduled at the convenience of the instructor and the student.

The deadline to submit Final Exam Reschedule requests is the LAST DAY of CLASSES for the term.

Final Exam Reschedule Form

CLA Faculty Request for Incomplete Grade

Incomplete requests are appropriate

  • in the case of illness of personal hardship preventing a student from successfully completing coursework AND
  • when a small number of minor assignments or a single major assignment (i.e. final exam or final paper) is outstanding.

Please review the Incomplete policy for additional details


  • Except in the case of extraordinary circumstances, students are expected to discuss the request with faculty
  • If deemed appropriate, requests are made by faculty before the last day of final exams.
  • Incomplete requests must be made by faculty via Coursedog.  
  • Faculty do not submit incomplete grades; “I” grades are posted by the Registrar’s office.
  • For approved incompletes, the deadline for work to be submitted by students is posted on the CLA calendar. Faculty should use the Faculty Request for Change of Grade form to submit the final grade.
CLA Re-entry to Drew

Students on a leave of absence or a voluntary withdrawal who wish to return to Drew must submit a petition for re-entry to the Academic Standing Committee at least one month prior to the start of term for which they are seeking re-entry.  With regard to financial aid, students are advised to consult with the Office of Financial Assistance regarding deadlines and eligibility.

Re-entry to Drew is subject to approval by the Academic Standing Committee.  Students on leave must submit documentation in support of their re-entry according to the guidelines indicated on the Re-Entry Form.

CLA Faculty report for Academic Integrity Violations

Academic Integrity Violations-Faculty Form: This form is to be utilized by faculty to report an academic integrity violation.

Please refer to the academic integrity policy in the catalog for additional information.

CLA Leave of Absence and Voluntary Withdrawal

Students may opt to take a temporary leave from the university for any number of reasons – family emergency, financial distress, illness, etc.  A student may leave for one or two semesters and return, or choose a different course of action.  Students are advised to discuss their plans with their academic adviser, the Associate Provost, and their financial aid counselor (as there may be potential financial implications).  To proceed, students must complete the leave-of-absence form, which is available through TreeHouse (Request a Leave of Absence or Voluntary Withdrawal).  Once submitted, the form will be sent to the Associate Provost for approval.  Students are expected to submit a Leave of Absence request before the course withdrawal deadline published on Drew’s Academic calendar. If a student’s circumstances necessitate withdrawal from all courses after the withdrawal deadline, the student is expected to present documentation to the Associate Provost for review by the Academic Standing Committee.  Pending approval by the committee, the student will be placed on a Leave of Absence and subject to the Re-Entry Policy stated below.

Note that a Leave of Absence is valid until the start of the semester of return indicated by the student on the request form.  Students not re-entered after two full semesters on leave (see Re-entry policy below) will lose access to Drew email and will be withdrawn from the university.  The Center for Academic Excellence, can assist students seeking an extension to their leave.

CLA students -Leave of Absence or Withdrawal form


CSGS Petition to the Academic Standing Committee
CSGS Leave of Absence or Withdrawal request