Registering your internship

Drew students can complete internships for up to four credits. All registered internships, regardless of credit amount, fulfill an Immersive Experience requirement. Please review the information below carefully on how to register your internship.

Internship Registration Process

Internships may be registered for zero, one, two, three, or four credits at Drew University and can fulfill the off-campus experience requirement or immersive experience requirement for Drew students. Students who have already secured an internship should follow the steps below to register and complete an internship to earn credits towards their degree.

  1. Schedule an INTC-200 Registration appointment with the Center for Career Development . We’ll talk about the internship you’ve found, how it connects with your career plan, securing a faculty evaluator, and the next steps you need to take to register.
  2. Upon completing your appointment, you will receive an email from Handshake outlining your role and responsibilities as a Drew University student intern. Please read these details thoroughly before submitting your agreement.
  3. After reviewing and accepting the internship terms, login to your Handshake account, navigate to the Career Center, and then select Experiences. Click ‘Request an Experience,’ to load the University’s Internship Registration Application. To complete this application form you will need to have handy your internship supervisor name and contact information, your faculty evaluator name and contact information, your proposed internship schedule and responsibilities, the number of credits you are seeking, and other relevant details.
  4. Once your Registration Application has been submitted and confirmed by the Center for Career Development, Handshake will automatically contact your faculty evaluator and then the internship supervisor to confirm their roles and responsibilities in the internship program. When these approvals have been provided, the Center will receive notification that you are eligible for internship course registration.
  5. You will receive a notification from Handshake that your experience has been fully approved.
  6. Our team will provide instructor permission for the appropriate section of INTC-200 in Treehouse, and notify you by email that you can now register for the course.
  7. If you are interested in requesting internship funding support to help cover the costs of completing your internship, then keep an eye on your email for an announcement about internship funding requests and the request form. Funding requests will be reviewed and responded to on a rolling basis, based on available resources. Please note that students are not guaranteed internship funding.
  8. Complete the INTC-200 course requirements as indicated in the syllabus found in the Handshake Resources tab. Note that all assignments must be completed by the posted deadlines in order for you to receive credit for your internship.
Credit Requirements

You are expected to work a set amount of hours depending on how many credits you are registered for. Only active work hours during the dates of the term you register for will count towards your minimum required hours:

  • 0 credits = 45 hours
  • 1 credit = 45 hours
  • 2 credits = 90 hours
  • 3 credits = 135 hours
  • 4 credits = 180 hours

INTC-200 is a Pass/No-Credit course. A grade of Pass will be awarded after successful completion of course requirements by the course deadlines.

Summer and January internships are registered and recorded as a Summer or January course, but the credits will appear on your transcript during the following semester (provided all requirements have been met).

International Students

International students can find more information and immigration guidance on working in the US in the Student Career Resources section of the ISSS website. International students should note the following requirements for work authorization approval:

  • All international students must register their internships to abide by CPT regulations
  • Review the CPT process at Drew
  • In addition to the INTC 200 registration process, international students must provide an offer letter from their employer to  International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)
  • Reach out to Stephanie Bias at sbias@drew.edu and ISSS at isss@drew.edu for more information
Internships as Major Requirements

Note that some majors/minors and academic programs may require a for-credit internship.  Internship credits may also be applied to some minors.  Approval for any majors/minors must be discussed with the chairperson or director of that department.

Financial Considerations

Per credit charges may be added to your bill if you are not enrolled full-time or if you are registered for more than 21 credits (or less than 12 credits) during the Fall or Spring. The fees below will be assessed for students participating in internships during the Summer and Winter terms instead of tuition for the INTC-200 course. Fees change, so please check with Student Accounts located in Brother’s College or email studentaccounts@drew.edu before getting your internship registered. Both paid and unpaid internships are acceptable for credit.

  • 0 credit INTC-200: No fee
  • 1 credit INTC-200: $150.00
  • 2 credit INTC-200: $300.00
  • 3 credit INTC-200: $450.00
  • 4 credit INTC-200: $600.00