Responding to Current Events

The Office of Student Activities encourages and supports student activism by guiding students through the development of programs and events.

If you would like to host a protest or demonstration, we ask that you meet with our staff to inform us of your plans. This will allow us to help you to secure an approved, safe space on campus to host your protest or demonstration, as well as, to notify the necessary campus partners who may also assist with your program details and logistics.

Vigils, memorials, or campus-wide meetings such as a rally or walk also require notification of the Student Activities staff, again to ensure students are provided with appropriate space on campus to meet your program goals.

To ensure that the University can carry on with its ordinary activities and functions, the University retains the right and ability to place restrictions on the time, place, and manner.

When appropriate, we also encourage students to invite or update our Campus Chaplain, Public Safety, and/or the Counseling Center staff about programs to ensure support is provided for students in need.

Student Activities Contact Information

  • Michelle L. Brisson, Ed.D., Dean of Student Life
  • Stephanie Pelham, Associate Dean of Student Engagement

Campus Partners