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Campus Security

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• Direct line: 973-408-3379
• Emergency (only): 911
• Anonymous Tips: 973-408-3356

A Message from Campus Security

Drew University, the “University in the Forest”, is dedicated to providing its students with a safe and secure environment in which to pursue their educational goals. Drew’s is located in Madison, a community that enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in New Jersey, and our campus security is strengthened through the cooperation of the University community with the Department of Campus Security.

Every member of the Drew community must share the responsibility for maintaining a safe and secure campus. Students, Faculty, Staff and others are free to contact Campus Security at anytime.

This Web site provides basic information on subjects that are of primary concern to students and to the Department of Campus Security. It also includes public safety statistics for Drew in fulfillment of the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990.

Active Shooter Response Training Video

This 17 minute video provides critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter situation. It is one component of Drew University’s emergency training efforts and is designed to be used alone, or in coordination with in-person training sessions.

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Rideshare Safety