Caspersen School of Graduate Studies Awards


Caspersen School of Graduate Studies Awards

Honoring and celebrating the achievements of the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies Class of 2021.

Celebrating the 2021

Kappa Delta Pi (International Society in Education) Inductees:

·Hanna​ ​Marie Ahlert
·Alexander​ ​Beim
·Emily​ ​W. S. Caspersen
·Abigail​ Mary ​Frech
·Katherine​ ​Hursh Ginsburg
·Genesis​ ​Guedes
·Emily​ Ariana ​Incledon
·Weronika​ Teresa ​Klisiewicz
·Caroline​ ​Mary McKenna
·Kieran​ ​Elisabeth Nugent
·Kylie​ Danielle ​Nugent
·Gwendolyn​ ​A. Orel
·Susannah​ ​Lee Patience
·Brandon​ ​Lee Radd
·Duraien​ ​Hassan Siddiqui
·Shawn​ ​Patrick Spaventa
·Kelsey​ Elizabeth ​Weidmann
·Haley​ ​Elizabeth Watson

Honoring the

GSA Award Winners

The Merrill Skaggs Award for Excellence in Teaching.
Dr. Nancy Vitalone-Raccaro was selected to receive The Merrill Skaggs Award for Excellence in Teaching for her passion and devotion to teacher education and for communicating her enthusiasm for excellence in teaching. She is deeply committed to the academic, professional, and personal advancement of her students. As stated by a nominee, Dr. Vitalone-Raccaro “is always enthusiastically engaging her students in her content. She is consistently sharing her own research, knowledge, and passion with students”.

Dr. Vitalone-Raccaro is an associate professor in the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies. In her current role, Dr. Vitalone-Raccaro teaches courses in the teacher education program including the BA/MAT Track, the MAT Program, the Master of Education Program, and the Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement Program – which she currently coordinates. She is also a Teacher Consultant for the Drew Writing Project, providing demonstrations of exceptional classroom practices in the teaching of writing, along with supporting research and student results.

The Dean Robert Ready Award for Putting the Humanities to Work.
Dr. Kristen Hawley Turner was selected to receive the Dean Robert Ready Award for Putting the Humanities to Work for her commitment and success in her humanities based endeavors outside of Drew in integrating technology into education. Her research in “Literacy During the Digital Age has helped aspiring teachers understand how to teach in the virtual age, which during this time is very important”. She is being recognized for her advancements in humanities within and outside the Drew community.

Dr. Turner (@teachkht) is professor and director of teacher education at Drew University in New Jersey. Her research focuses on the intersections between technology and literacy, and she works with teachers across content areas to implement effective literacy instruction and to incorporate technology in meaningful ways. She is the co-author of Connected Reading: Teaching Adolescent Readers in a Digital World and Argument in the Real World: Teaching Students to Read and Write Digital Texts and editor of Ethics of Digital Literacy: Developing Knowledge and Skills across Grade Levels. She is also the founder and director of the Drew Writing Project and Digital Literacies Collaborative and the co-founder of the research project and the Technopanic: Living and Learning in a Digital Age podcast.

The Dean Pain Community Service Award.
Mr. Hamza Radid was selected for the Dean Pain Community Service Award for his attention to the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical vitality of the Graduate student community. He is being recognized for his service to the graduate community and his positive attitude. “He is a hard worker and is committed to nurturing inter-departmental communications and events”.

Radid (MA in Public Policy and International Affairs) is an international student from Morocco; he is currently a PhD candidate at the History and Culture graduate program at Drew University. His research interests are politics of migration, integration, and assimilation of North African Muslims in France. Hamza Radid had served for two years as the President of the Graduate Student Association at Drew University. As a graduate student, Hamza has also been part of multiple committees. He is currently working at the Graduate Admissions office and also teaching Intro to Writing for first year incoming students.

The Lisa Nocks Student Award
Ms. Sami Strathern was selected to receive the Lisa Nocks Student Award for her service to the Graduate Student Community in general, and to the GSA in particular. She is being recognized for her dedication to connecting the various programs within the graduate community as well as service to the MAT community. “She is always available to her fellow graduate students whenever they have a question or need assistance”.

Strathern is a recent Drew alum, receiving her Master of Arts in Teaching focusing on secondary art education in 2021 as well as a CLA 2020 alum majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Art History. She was an executive board member of the Graduate Student Association, assisting in the organization of the professional development opportunity: Mental Health, But Make It For Grad Students in 2021. She also was the Treasurer of the Kappa Delta Pi Chapter and will continue her role as Secretary and Treasurer for the 2021-2022 academic year. Sami was also an assistant coach for the Drew Rangers Field Hockey Team this past year.