Drew Science Students Talk Mentors, Passions

“Teachers are the best thing about this school.”

August 2019 – Summer break doesn’t mean a research break for Drew University students in the lab.

Students in the Drew Summer Science Institute (DSSI) conducted research with faculty, and took time to reflect on their Drew experiences:


Eva Wagenknechtová C'20 with research partner Kevin Yan C'20

Eva on Drew professors: “Teachers are the best thing about this school. They’re very approachable and don’t judge if you’re confused or ask about the same point for the 15th time, like I do. They’re there for you and it’s wonderful!”

Eva on her research: “I think the fact that I’m designing my own study is huge as I look to go to grad school. I want to do something that no one has done before where there’s nothing for me to look to and replicate. It forces me to figure out ‘how do I do it?'”


Thomas Potts C'20

Thomas on mentors: “When I transferred I had to ask the one professor at my school who knew my name for a recommendation. Here, there’s such a personal connection. My professors don’t just want to get office hours over with, they want to mentor and help me in my career and future.”

Read more about Thomas’ recent trip around the Twitterverse here.


Makayla Pardo C'20

Makayla on her passions: “I do all the different things I love here. I love my research, but I also sing in the choir and play in the orchestra. I’m not stuck in a science bubble. It’s a passion, but it’s one of many. My RISE professors will show up to support me when I perform on stage. It’s so cute!”

Makayla on Drew professors: “You can just tell that the professors care about every single person here. If I have a problem and my one professor isn’t here, I can pop into any other bio professor’s office and they’ll jump at the chance to help. It’s those connections that make this place so special. You wouldn’t get that in a different program at a different school.”


Hunter Muratore C'20

Hunter on the Drew community: “Even though I might not spend as much time in the dorms or Commons as other students since I commute, I’ve still made really great friends. Being around the Hall of Sciences you can talk to anyone about their interests. It’s something you don’t realize you need until you do it—talking with other students about their research and exchanging ideas and making friends.”

Hunter on Prof. Hinrichs: “Prof. Hinrichs is someone I’d consider a professor, mentor and friend. He’s someone who’s taught me everything there is to know in the lab, but he’s also someone to lean on as a resource as I figure out the next step in my career.”

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