Welcome to the Drew Staff Association!


Drew Staff Association

DSA is the organization of all Drew University staff and administrators. University staff and administrators are automatically added to our membership upon hiring.

We welcome you to Drew University on behalf of DSA, the organization of University Staff and Administration. We believe every Drew employee plays a vital role in complementing the essential teaching mission of our faculty and in shaping the university community. We hope that you will come to look upon Drew not only as a place of employment, but also one of intellectual stimulation, opportunities for learning, lasting friendships, and caring, professional colleagues.

During this difficult time, ComPsych Guidance Resources, Drew University’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), has prepared several Coronavirus COVID-19 resources to help us remain healthy to cope with the impact of the virus on our everyday lives.  Below are some of the programs available 24 hours per day seven days per week for employees and their dependents. Click here to listen to a webinar or download resource materials.

  • Webinar recordings available:
    • Coping with Uncertainty About COVID-19
    • Navigating Your Work From Home Transition
    • How Emotions Impact Eating During a Crisis
    • Managing Worry & Anxiety Amid COVID-19
    • Tools to Handle COVID-19-Related Stress
    • Self-Isolating Together During the Pandemic
    • Being an Effective Manager During COVID-19
  • Health and Safety Resources
  • Navigating Life at Home – includes Families at Home, Isolation Survival, Staying Active, CARES Act Help sheet
  • Resiliency Resources
  • Working Remotely
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Legal, Financial, and Work-Life
  • Financial Resiliency
  • Staying Healthy at Work Resource Guide
  • A Relaxation Break