Ask the Experts: The Virology of the Coronavirus

Dr. Brianne Barker separates fact from fiction in presentation

March 2020 – Drew University’s Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Brianne Barker delivered a set of virtual presentations, Coronavirus Biology: Separating Fact from Fiction, below.

Barker's original March 12 presentation delivered to alumni and parents.

The presentation focused on information—known and unknown—about the novel COVID-19 virus, including treatment and prevention.

Barker, who received her PhD in immunology from Harvard and co-hosts a weekly virology podcast, delivered an hour-plus long talk and took questions from a Drew audience live-streaming the presentation via Zoom.

Barker's updated March 25 presentation delivered to students, alums and parents.

The talk comes immediately following Drew’s decision to move courses and business operations online in an effort to ensure campus health and safety.

For more on Drew’s continued monitoring of the virus, please click here, and be sure to watch out for future videos as Drew operates virtually.

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