Theatre Immersion in London


Theatre Immersion in London

Summer 2022 | London, England

  • Program Fee: $4,500 (Includes 4-credit tuition, accommodations, some meals, local transportation, cultural activities and excursions.)



First stop: London, for a full immersion in British theatre. Hit the West End for mainstream productions. Pay homage at Shakespeare’s Globe. Venture
into the fringe, for theatre reimagined in pubs and warehouses. Second stop: Edinburgh, just in time for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts extravaganza, featuring nearly 50,000 performances across 300 venues.


Theatre in British and Global Contexts

How do we read the sweep of British theatre, from Shakespeare and Shaw to Stoppard and Simon Stephens? What is its global context? How is a country’s culture reflected in its theatre product—and what makes British theatre so political?


Connect Theatre with Culture

Attend plays and theatrical productions almost daily, keeping a detailed play diary for critical analysis. Deepen your learning in class discussions and with guest speakers from the theatre world. Immerse yourself in British culture and conventions: take the tube, pop into the pub, chat with fellow theatregoers. Assess your experiences, in and out of the theatre, by writing five academic papers.


Global perspectives and international experiences look good on any résumé, including in the arts. The program content is especially relevant to careers in theatre and arts management and administration.