The Textbook Lending Library

The Textbook Lending Library is a collection of donated textbooks from current students enrolled in a diverse course load. The goal is to assist students who have financial constraints take advantage of their liberal arts education in the same way as students who do not have these obstacles. The collection is housed in the University Library and texts are loaned for a semester at a time. There is a limit of five books per student per semester.

How to Request Texts

  •  Check if we have a copy of the text you need by reviewing our current list of books here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/
  • Complete the request form here: https://forms.gle
  • After submitting your request, you will be notified once we’ve confirmed your eligibility and the book is ready for pickup.

How You Can Help


  • Share this resource with your students prior to the end of the semester so they know they can donate their books to this initiative.
  • If you have extra desk copies of the book, please consider donating.
  • Let us know if there are any specific texts you think would be helpful for us to seek out.


  • Consider donating your books to help your peers who are not able to easily access them.
  • Continue sharing this resource with your networks, such as friends, professors and other Drew community members.

How to Donate

  • Books can be dropped off in the book drop outside the library or mailed to the following address: Drew University Library, 36 Madison Ave., Madison, NJ 07940.
  • Make sure to include a note on each book with the name of the class and professor for which it is being donated.

Thank you to Gabriella Ramirez C ’22, who spearheaded the Textbook Lending Library. Read more about Gabriella and her work.

If you have any questions, contact TLL@drew.edu.

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