Guide to Online Holds and Recalls

  1. Policy Statement


To recognise and facilitate use of the library collection as a shared resource, Drew faculty, students, and staff may place a hold/recall on checked-out items while browsing in the library catalog. 


  1. Purpose


This policy and associated procedures define terms, conditions, and expectations for library users placing holds and recalls.


III. Audience


Drew faculty, students and staff.  


  1. Definitions


A hold/recall request: flags an item that is checked out by another user. When the item is returned to the library, the item is held for the requestor rather than being reshelved. 


  1. Procedures


Library systems are being adapted to new software–until that’s completed, Drew faculty, students and staff may place a hold/recall on checked-out items by contacting the Circulation Desk at email: or 973-408-3486. To explore other options for obtaining a needed resource, please contact . 

  • Wait time: an item placed on hold will be recalled once the current borrower has had the item for 20 days. As the current borrower then has 10 days to return the item, you may have a wait time of over 30 days if the item was just checked out. If you are second in the queue, your wait time may be over 60 days. The Circulation department can let you know when an item was checked out so you can better calculate your wait time.  If you require this title quickly, please submit an interlibrary loan request. 
  • Notify the circulation department if you no longer need an item on which you have placed a hold.
  • Item will be held at Circulation Desk for no more than 10 days. 
  • Hold request limit: 10 items. 
  • You will be notified by Drew email when your requested item is available for pick-up. 
  • Hold requests may also be submitted by completing a recall card at Circulation. 
  • You may place a hold on books that are on order. If you require this title quickly, please submit an InterLibrary Loan request as wait times for ordered books vary widely. 


  1. Contacts

Circulation Department, or phone: (973) 408-3486 and ask to speak with a Circulation Supervisor.