Special Collections and University Archives Access

  1. Policy Statement
    1. The Library has adopted specific regulations governing use of Special Collections and University Archives due to the unique nature of the material housed in Special Collections.
  2. Purpose
    1. This policy statement defines terms, conditions, and expectations for researchers using collections and services of the Methodist Library, Special Collections, and the University Archives.
  3. Audience
    1. All members of the Drew University community and approved/registered visiting researchers.
  4. Procedures
    1. Materials may be used only in the Methodist Archives Wilson Reading Room or in another supervised location with approval from the Manager of Special Collections. All outside Drew community researchers will be asked to complete the registration form in order to request materials. Visiting researchers must present a form of identification such as a driver’s license or credit card when materials are requested. The Methodist Center reading room is open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Visiting researchers desiring to use special collections must schedule an appointment in advance by contacting the department (email speccol@drew.edu). Drew researchers may use the collections without an appointment during the stated open hours of the Reading room. Users desiring access to the archives of the United Methodist Church should obtain prior permission from the General Commission on Archives and History of the United Methodist Church.

For special regulations governing access to Drew University Theses and University Archives, see Appendices to this document below. 

  • Library materials are retrieved by the contact individual for the specified collection after a Request Slip has been filled out. Only one folder or container of loose material may be used at one time. No more than 5 bound volumes may be used at one time. If additional material has been requested, it will be held at the Reference Desk in the Methodist Archives and issued to the researcher upon return of the completed material. 
  • When the researcher has completed his or her work or is leaving the room temporarily, the folder or volume shall be returned to the person in charge. 
  • Manuscripts and books may not be marked or otherwise altered or defaced. No “post-it”-style bookmarks may be used. Archival safe bookmarks are provided. 
  • Only pencils and paper or personal computers may be used when taking notes. 
  • All manuscripts and books are to be placed on the tables. They are not to be held in the lap or propped against the edge of the table. Book supports may be provided and their use required. 
  • Papers within folders are not to be rearranged. If a researcher thinks something is out of order, they should bring it to the attention of the Reading Room supervisor. 
  • Materials may be copied only with permission of Special Collections staff, who will make all copies. Fragile materials may not be copied. A photocopying or scanning charge will be assessed. See our policy on Photocopying and Scanning From Special Collections below. 
  • Briefcases, backpacks, coats, notebooks, and folders may not be taken into the Methodist Archives reading room. Storage lockers and coat racks are provided.
  • No food or beverages are permitted in the reading room. 
  • Researchers must secure written permission from the staff to publish Special Collections material. Researchers assume all responsibility for conforming with copyright laws and for correctly citing the source of the archival material. This repository should be cited as “Drew University Special Collections, Madison, New Jersey.” One gratis copy of any publication resulting from extensive research in Special Collections should be presented to Drew University .
  1. Consequences of Violating this Policy
    1. Violation of these regulations may result in loss of access to Special Collections. Furthermore, non-compliance with this University policy may result in potential disciplinary action and/or sanctions by the University via the policies and procedures of the Offices of the Provost and Human Resources.
  2. Appendices and Additional Regulations

Appendix I: Drew Theses Classed In Special Collections Copies of Drew theses classed in Special Collections

Copies of Drew theses classed in Special Collections shall be subject to all these policies. Patrons should contact Matthew Beland (mailto: mbeland@drew.edu) to arrange to use the theses in the Methodist Library Reading Room during its normal hours of operation (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)

Manuscript Theses –Unpublished essays and theses submitted for Doctoral, Master’s and B.A. honors degrees, and deposited in the Drew University, are to be used only with due regard to the rights of the author. 

Bibliographical references may be noted, but passages must not be copied without permission of the author, and without proper credit being given in subsequent written or published work.

Appendix II: Access For University Archives

Because of the location, staffing and special nature of the University Archives, the following Appendix supersedes some of the General Guidelines. (For any questions or to arrange an appointment, please contact the University Archives at archives@drew.edu or 973-408-3532.) 

  • All users will register with the University Archives staff before beginning research. 
  • University Archives material will be used in either the University Archives office or the Methodist Library Reading Room located in the United Methodist archives and history center.
  • University Archives material does not circulate. Material may not be taken from designated reading areas without permission of University Archives staff.
  •  In cases where circulating copies of university publications exist, patrons will utilize those copies before consulting the University Archives. 
  • The use of gloves when handling photographic material is required. Gloves will be provided. 
  • The University Archives may limit and/or restrict access to certain types of records. The following records can be used only with permission of the Dean of Libraries: 
    • Records of a sitting administration 
  • The following records are closed to researchers:
    •  Individual education records of living students or living former students, as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, unless the student or former student grants access in writing.
    •  Individual employment records of current employees or living former faculty members, administrators, or staff members, including records which concern hiring, appointment, promotion, tenure, salary, performance, termination, or other circumstances of employment, unless the faculty member, administrator or staff member grants access in writing.
    •  Records which have been restricted by Deed of Gift.
  • Material may be photocopied or scanned only with permission of the University Archives staff. Only University Archives staff can make photocopies. A photocopying charge will be assessed.
  • Researchers must secure written permission from the University Archives staff to publish archival material. Researchers assume all responsibility for conforming with copyright laws and for correctly citing the source of the archival material. This repository should be cited as “Drew University Archives, Madison, New Jersey.” One gratis copy of any publication resulting from extensive research in the University Archives should be presented to Drew University. 

Appendix III: Photocopying and Scanning from Special Collections and University Archives

This policy applies to University Archives and to Special Collections in both the Drew Library and the Methodist Library. Exceptions are made for: 

  • most contemporary materials housed in the Methodist Library. For those materials the patron is permitted to make his or her own photocopies at the customary charge. 
  • Interlibrary loan photocopies. These will continue to be processed according to ILL charges and billing policies. 

As staff time allows, Special Collections staff may make scans from archival and special collections materials. In some cases, the Manager of Special Collections will be consulted to assess physical condition and risk of damage from copying. 

VII. Related Information

Appendix II – September 2011; and Appendix III approved by Director’s Council 10/6/04.

VIII. Contacts

The Office of the University Library Director, Elizabeth Leonard can address questions regarding this Policy: (973) 408-3322, and eleonard@drew.edu.

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